Century Innovative Technology's Flagship Property Bodhi and Friends Inspires Wisdom and Compassion in Children Through Animation and Games

Hong Kong-Based Media Company Looks to Unite and Empower Children, Parents and Teachers Worldwide

HONG KONG, CHINA – June 30, 2014 – Century Innovative Technology (CIT), the Hong Kong-based children’s media company with the hit flagship property Bodhi and Friends, is inspiring wisdom and compassion in children through immersive animation, games and other entertaining and educational interactive content.

The company launched in 2012 with Bodhi and Friends, the award-winning 3D animated television series produced by an international creative team from the United States, Japan and China.  Bodhi and Friends engages young children in a world of adventure, amazing inventions and magical powers.  As Bodhi and his friends work together to protect their home from evil invaders, an underlying moral theme and positive values are woven into each episode. 

CIT has produced 108 episodes of Bodhi and Friends to date, with another season of 52 additional episodes currently in production. The series is a hit in China, airing on over 120 prime channels and portals.  It has been honored with numerous awards in China. CIT is seeking distribution partners for both broadcast and licensing in all global markets. 

CIT is also developing the online, multi-platform interactive English Learning Platform (ELP), an innovative cross-platform 3D multimedia experience.   ELP is designed to help children 3-12 learn critical English phonics, vocabulary, grammar, listening skills and native English, as it aims to instill a genuine love of language. 

Developed by an international team of prestigious educators, ELP is based on the eight multiple intelligence right brain/left brain learning domains, aligned to the Cambridge Young Learners Examination©.  Students learn to listen and speak through hearing authentic, native English-speaking children with diverse accents speaking and singing modern music, composed and recorded by professionals from around the world.  The content, all of which originates in China, includes more than 680 expert created 3D online animated lessons, interactive content, songs and games.  This horizontal integration of a range of types of content, makes ELP unique in the Chinese market.

CIT Founder and CEO Poman Lo has established Bodhi Love Foundation to support significant charity initiatives, especially relating to the health and education needs of underprivileged children. 

In collaboration with UNICEF, Poman is lining up strategic alliances with the most influential industry partners to recruit children as ambassadors to champion every child’s right to play. Moreover, to support the Next Generation Education Foundation, Poman launched a large-scale campaign distributing 200,000 coin banks to children in schools across China. Children are encouraged to save and donate pocket money to the less fortunate. 

CIT is part of a prominent international group based in Hong Kong that spans multiple industries – hospitality, technology, properties and investments.  The management team is headed by Poman Lo, an entrepreneurial executive, with a track record of successfully developing companies.  Poman is Vice Chairman of Century City International Holdings Ltd., a group of five public companies in Hong Kong.  In addition, she is Managing Director of Regal Hotels, the largest hotel group in Hong Kong. 

Poman was awarded a scholarship to attend Duke University when she was fifteen years old and graduated from Duke four years later with a BA in Psychology. She is a native of Hong Kong.

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