Red Arrows Show Could Interest Bartle HolidaysCustomers This September

May 20th 2014:The return of renowned British aeroplane squad the "Red Arrows" to Menorca this September could be one of the main motives of interest for customers renting villas with companies such as Bartle Holidaysduring that period.

The British aerobatics team has visited the Balearic island on numerous occasions, starting with the festivities to mark the 300th anniversary of the British Royal Hospital, in 2010. The warm welcome they were treated to at the time, along with factors such as the climate and food, contributed to make Menorca one of the team’s favourite spots in the world, according to their own statements. This may also explain why the Red Arrows have been back for a show on Menorca every year since, and will do so again this year.

Another potential reason behind the team’s frequent exhibitions in the Balearics, and Menorca in particular, may have to do with the large contingent of British nationals whoreside or holiday on the island, through companies such as Bartle Holidays.

The 2014 exhibition flight will, however, have slightly more significance than those of previous years. This is because the present year marks the 50th anniversary of the aerobatics squad, an event that has caused the team to make some alterations to the programme. Most notable among them is the addition of a commemorative design to the tailfins of each of the planes that make up the squad, with the intention of indicating this proud landmark.

The Red Arrows are the ‘visible’ face of the British Royal Air Force, meant to give the organisation’s values – such as speed, agility and precision – a physical form and present them to the greater public. The squad’s shows are an enduring hit, both among British audiences and those from other countries;the exhibitions in Menorca are no different, enthralling the locals just as much as Britons staying in the island.

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