Baby games online Help in Pregnancy, a Mother Says

1 July, 2014: According to researches done by various prestigious universities, it has been noted that a person spends an average of 20 hours per week in front if the computer. Half of that time is used for playing online games. "That is not really a wonder," said Enzo Blackwell, an Information Technology (IT) expert. "A lot of games has been emerging and they are getting more and more interesting. Nowadays, a person could play games that are related to racing, puzzle, strategy and wars, tournament, casino, and even board games. The good news about it is that all you need to enjoy and relax yourself is a computer and an internet connection." 

However, it has been reported that games are not only limited to entertainment; it has taken education into consideration as well. One of the latest games to enter the market but has made quite an impact is baby games online. This type of game was created using emergent animation software applications which gives realistic 3D babies. Mariel Winners, a woman carrying a 3-month old baby inside her, is enjoying such baby games online at "This would be my first baby and I have to prepare for his coming. Baby games help me prepare. They have tools like rattles and milk bottles. The babies cry and get hungry so I need to feed them. They also pee and poo so I need to change their diapers. I also need to carry and rock the babies to sleep. There are also times that I have when they are in a good mood, I get to teach them basic gestures that will help me know what they fill. This game adds to my excitement of being a mother; at the same time, it gives me a realistic view of what to expect once I give birth."