Ireland Company Setup – A Guide

An Ireland company formation of an LLC, if properly structured can benefit from legal tax exemption on all international income provided Ireland source income is earned;

Corporate tax from Ireland sourced income is 12,5%;

For all non-trading income, a 25% corporation tax rate applies;

Ireland’s low corporate tax is a great way to achieve global profits while reducing international tax;

New companies in Ireland operating in carpentry, medical and electronic equipment enjoy a 3 year tax exempt period;

Certain Irish incorporated private limited companies may be exempted from an annual audit if i) Turnover is less than €7,300,000 ii) balance sheet total less than €3,650,000 iii) average number of employees is less than 50;

Companies with qualified R&D expenditures will generate a 25% tax credit for offset against corporate taxes;

Ireland has double taxation treaties with over 60 countries, including every major trading partner;

In Ireland the standard value added tax (VAT) rate is 23%. According to the Irish law, companies are required to apply for VAT if sales exceed €55,000;

Healy Consultants has been helping Clients with VAT registrations charging a onetime fee of €850 to support Ireland company setup;

Entrepreneurs can choose to make Ireland an EU headquarters given that i) it is an English speaking country ii) has a skilled labor force iii) a well-developed infrastructure including ports, banking, and airports;

Ireland has signed bilateral taxation treaties with 69 countries of which 64 are in effect.


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