SYDNEY (April 11, 2015) - A local mumpreneur is launching an exclusive and unique online boutique named From Belgium With Love. The e-shop will offer a variety of baby accessories and baby clothing items that have been handcrafted in Belgium.

In Australia, mothers often notice that many baby products are being made and shipped from China. From Belgium With Love will bring forward unique, personalized, and handmade products for babies. The online boutique shop will be dedicated to offering in-demand baby products from the top brand names. Mothers in Australia will be given the opportunity to easily shop and purchase elegant yet durable baby products from the comfort of their homes.

From Belgium With Love reflects a warm and tasteful way of welcoming a new baby into the family,” said Isabelle Delacave, the founder of From Belgium With Love. “When I was looking to buy baby products for my daughter in Australia, I discovered a gap in the market for baby accessories and nursery care. In Europe there is a wide range of brands, fabrics, and products but they are not currently offered in the Australian market.”

From Belgium with Love hopes to fill that void in the market and provide mums with the best in quality and comfort for baby, while always being stylish and unique.

Isabelle Delacave holds a MBA from IE Business School, speaks six languages, and her goal is to become an ambassador for European brands wishing to expand their markets into Australia. She currently works as a communications and marketing manager in Sydney. Isabelle is a full-time mumpreneur and enjoys looking after her baby daughter.

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