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China - What is the Permanent magnet? The answer from engineer of Ningbo Xinqi Precision Magnetism Steel Co., Ltd is that the permanent magnets is the magnets which could not be required to maintain the magnetic field by the flowing of current. The former China company is the leading manufacturer for all sorts of Magnetic Assemblies and other magnets products. Their permanent magnet products could be mainly divided into two sorts, which could be mainly and widely applied into the industries such as electronic, electrical, mechanical, transportation, medical and living supplies.

The first category of their Magnetic Assemblies should be the metal-alloy permanent magnet materials, including rare earth permanent magnet material which is the so-called NdFeB Nd2Fe14B, samarium cobalt (SmCo), aluminum -nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo) and others. The strength of the magnet field for these kinds of materials is very strong so they could be applied into the professional industrial areas and medical areas.

The second category is the ferrite permanent magnet material which also be called the Ferrite. The magnet field strength of this type of materials is not stronger than the former one. It could be largely applied into the products in normal life of people, such as the ordinary ear phone, radio, microphone and others.

Apart from the former mainly two categories based on the classification of raw materials, these kinds of magnet products could also be divided by the different production processes in factory. According to the different workmanship and treatment, the permanent magnet could also be classified into sintered ferrite, bonded ferrite and injection ferrite. These three magnets products could also be divided into the isotropic and anisotropic magnets based on the different direction of magnetic crystal into the materials.

However, the NdFeB magnets could be one kind of natural product and it could be also manufactured by hand of people. Furthermore, the materials which have the ability of wide hysteresis, high coercivity, high magnet remanence and ability to maintain the constant magnetic material are known as permanent magnetic materials or hard magnetic materials. With properly workmanship and treatments, these materials could be changed into the related permanent magnets people could use in specialized areas and daily life.

Without the help of the magnets, people could not image the situation of their life. They could not hear anything from their telephone and there would be no image on the display of their computer. In summary, the life could not be continued if there is not the helping of magnets.

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