AvaTech Announces Strategic Partners for Fall 2014 Launch

Establishes partnerships with The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), Forest Service National Avalanche Center, Heli-Ski U.S. Association and Matchstick Productions (MSP)

August 19, 2014 (Park City, Utah) -- AvaTech, a new technology company focused on developing breakthrough, proactive snow safety solutions, announces the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), Forest Service National Avalanche Center, Heli-Ski U.S. Association and Matchstick Productions (MSP) as strategic partners for its Fall 2014 product launch.

AIARE is responsible for developing and disseminating avalanche course materials to avalanche educators in the United States, South America and Europe. There are over 90 course providers and 300 instructors representing AIARE internationally offering everything from basic backcountry classes to very high-level professional development programs. AIARE combines experience with the latest knowledge, research and ideas in avalanche science that reflects the needs of today’s backcountry travelers.

“AIARE’s mission is similar to AvaTech’s, which is to save lives through avalanche education,” states Tom Murphy, AIARE's operations director. “Together we hope to facilitate risk management communication within your group as well as the greater community at large. Our Pinnacle Partnership with AvaTech is our highest-level partnership. We see strong benefits to integrating AvaTech’s emerging proactive technologies into US avalanche education.”

Other partners aligned for AvaTech’s Fall 2014 product launch include Heli-Ski U.S. Association and the Forest Service National Avalanche Center. Heli-Ski U.S. Association, Inc. is a Utah nonprofit corporation whose members represent the very best helicopter skiing operators in the United States. Its members work cooperatively to help establish the highest safety and operating standards in the helicopter skiing industry. The Forest Service National Avalanche Center helps to oversee 14 avalanche centers around the country. This network of avalanche centers provides critical information, education, and tools for backcountry travelers that go into avalanche terrain.

“Part of our mission at the National Avalanche Center is to support the transfer of new emerging safety technologies into real field practice,” explains Karl Birkeland, director of the Forest Service National Avalanche Center. “We are excited to partner with AvaTech to support the broader dissemination of their new technologies that we believe will not only benefit our avalanche centers, but the broader public safety.”

In conjunction with their Fall 2014 product launch, AvaTech is also slated to partner with freeskiing film production company, Matchstick Productions. Owning the deepest and most diverse stock film library in action sports, Matchstick Productions will help AvaTech broadcast the importance of proactive risk management to their ski audience, and help bring awareness to the importance of a greater understanding of the snowpack and education in the backcountry everywhere.   

“Our mission at AvaTech is to help people avoid avalanches in the first place,” comments Thomas Laakso, brand president of AvaTech. “Together with our partners we hope to spread knowledge of the snow under our feet by sharing field data and facilitating better conversations both within your group and the greater backcountry community.”

AvaTech’s products will be available this winter with a focus on professionals and are scheduled to debut at September’s 2014 International Snow Science Workshop in Banff, Canada. Beyond snow safety applications, AvaTech’s products will also solve key needs of military, mining, railroad, highway, hydrology, oil and natural gas markets.

AvaTech is a builder of proactive systems that instantly analyze the snowpack and facilitate real-time sharing of this information in order for individuals and groups to make better decisions in the backcountry. For more information on AvaTech, visit