Albendazole De-worming Pills Available for Non-profits or Communities in Haiti

1888PressRelease - International Action's Haiti office is distributing 500,000 Albendazole de-worming pills to protect Haiti's communities and get its children healthy and back in school. The pills are available free of charge to non-profit or community organizations that can administer them. We have a supply of albendazole de-worming pills ready for distribution from our warehouse in Port-au-Prince.

During the rainy season in Haiti, the streets flood and children are forced to wade through ankle-deep water. As they do this, they are at an increased risk of contracting intestinal worms or parasites that take away about 20% of their hosts' daily nutritional intake. When considering the fact that those who are at the greatest risk are impoverished children who lack access to healthcare and are already malnourished, this is devastating. The children who have intestinal worms can't go to school or play because they suffer from intense pain and discomfort; some of them won't even survive. But, in all of this there is good news; this is an entirely treatable condition and one that International Action is working to solve.

This summer we are distributing 500,000 doses of Abendazole, a de-worming medicine, as well as Vitamin A which will help fight malnutrition. This should allow us to help an additional 250,000 Haitians healthy and worm-free. One tablet of Albendazole will rid the body of intestinal worms and prevent infection for up to six months; two tablets for a year. Each tablet costs only $0.01 and will rid a child of all hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and others. 

Furthermore, this is a simple, cheap solution to one of the biggest development issues Haiti faces. Beyond the immediate relief from intestinal worms and malnutrition, de-worming programs have been listed among the most effective approaches to combating poverty and improving health amongst international development programs. Development studies have shown that de-worming programs result in dramatic increases in school attendance for children, generating an extra year of education for only $3.50 per student. The next most cost effective program, uniform give-aways, costs $100 to achieve the same goal.

In order to ensure we reach the most people in need, we are looking for partners to distribute the medicine in Haiti. If you are part of an organization that works with a school or clinic in Haiti, you can fill out this request form and help us combat diseases in Haiti.