Bellwether Services Launches New Digital Supply Chain Platform – Focused on Engaging Latino Millennial Consumers and Optimizing the Consumer Products Group Supply Chains


Bellwether Services recently implemented an innovative co-creation product development platform, focused on growing Consumer Products Companies in emerging markets such as China, Indonesia, Philippines and United States. The Bellwether Services solution explores consumer behavior and recommends sustainable supply chain practices that can help reduce supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.

San Francisco, CA September 11, 0214 

Bellwether Institute, the technical research subsidiary of Bellwether Services, a global supply chain advisory firm commuted to growing the $4 Trillion Global Consumer Products Group (CPG) recently planned, designed and implemented a millennial consumer co-creation platform focused on consumer insight, business intelligence and digital supply chain innovation.  The Bellwether Services innovation platform is focused on identifying sustainability ideas and solutions in both emerging and mature markets targeting the long term improvement of air, water and soil quality.

The Bellwether Services research engaged Millennial and Generation X Consumers who helped validate existing Consumer Product Group research themes such as Addictive Manufacturing, Big Data, Consumer Engagement, Digital Supply Chain, Predictive Analytics and other research themes. 

About Bellwether Services

Bellwether Services is a decade old Global Consumer Products Group advisory firm focused   identifying new business growth opportunities for the global $4 Trillion Consumer Products Group (CPG), Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturing and Logistics Industries.  Bellwether provides business insight, proprietary research, custom consulting and online communities in mature and emerging markets. Bellwether’s independent fact-based insight works to ensure CPG business success over the near and long term by focusing on client business growth.  Bellwether produces tangible results across six supply chain disciplines; Consumer Engagement, Digital Supply Chain, Predicative Analytics, Addictive Manufacturing, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Strategic Sourcing.

About Bellwether Research Institute

Bellwether Institute is the global research business unit of Bellwether Services.  Bellwether Institute has research resources in numerous markets including; Canada, China, Indonesia,   Philippines, United States, and Vietnam. Bellwether Research is exclusively focused on the business growth for the Consumer Products Group as well as their partner industries including packaging, mining, logistics and many others.    


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