A "BADAZZ" Tea With Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones

Miami--- On Wednesday April 17,  BADAZZ Foundation, a non-profit community advocacy group and the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association, will host a Community Tea with invited guest Miami Dade Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones. The Tea will be held at BADAZZ Foundation headquarters on 521 NW 51street in Miami from 3 to 4 p.m. Buena Vista Neighborhood Association President Alma Brown and Vice President Louise Watkins will moderate a casual Q/A over tea with Association members and the Commissioner.

BADAZZ Founder Carol Storms says the Tea will offer Buena Vista residents an opportunity to personally meet the Commissioner and engage her with their ideas to improve the neighborhood.

For the past two years Storms' organization, BADAZZ Foundation, has focused its efforts on rebuilding homes in the Buena Vista neighborhood. Her community volunteers just completed a total renovation of an abandoned home and she says they plan to relocate a family in it, fulfilling their mission to help build and serve. 

Also expected to attend the Community Tea is Buena Vista Neighborhood Association Resource Officer Moise Joseph. Storms says he's helped protect residents and volunteers as the group works to revitalize an area which continues to deal with its share of crime and urban blight.

Among the items on the agenda during the Tea, will be a discussion about several abandoned houses in the Buena Vista neighborhood. The Neighborhood Association is looking for solutions and assistance to replace these homes once they are demolished.

Storms says the Tea is just one of several events her organization plans to host with city leaders. "Our mission is inspire the community to work with Miami leadership to help end urban blight and create a safe, more beautiful community for all," she said.

What: Community Tea with invited guest Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones

Where: 521 NW 51st, Miami, FL

When: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: BADAZZ Foundation 521 NW 51st Street, Miami, FL

To interview Carol Storms contact  She Got Game Media (914) 572-3671. To interview members of the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association call (305) 754-6146