Tim Davies Landscaping Offers Complete Home Exterior Solutions

[Perth, May 13, 2014] –Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning style leader in the Western Australian and Perth landscaping industry, provide complete home exterior solutions, like timber decking. They assist clients in the fundamental works of designing and installing outdoor fixtures and electrical systems.


Vision-Reflecting Work


According to Tim Davies Landscaping, their projects are a reflection of the vision of their clients, whether it before garden ornaments, tennis courts or pavilions. With their team of professional architects and designers, they work to develop a unique design that reflects the personality and lifestyle of clients.


The company offers an initial consultation that establishes landscape design brief. They said these meetings take an hour, as they dispense design advice, ideas on areas within the garden,and planting selection. After the consultation, they will provide a detailed design fee proposal that discusses the scope of works that fit the preferences of clients.


Refined Installation Services


Tim Davies Landscaping notes that they are committed to delivering the highest standard of work on each project. With their experienced construction team, they make sure the proposed designs of walls, fences and driveways are followed during the building process.


Provided with the go signal to pursue a project, the leading landscaping company can outline construction schedule and estimation of the completion date. Upon completion, the company offers a handover package, which includes information on the upkeep of the garden and the plants installed in the project. The copy of the landscape design, reticulation, lighting and electrical plans are also part of the handover pack.


With qualified and passionate professionals, they aim to boost client satisfaction through vision-reflecting works and refined installation services. They also focus on ensuring the beauty and value of the landscape continues to radiate even after years of installation, through a handover pack after every construction.




Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning style leader in the landscaping industry, specialises in landscape design, construction, maintenance and horticulture.With the dedication to the profession, they have been receiving a number of awards of excellence in residential and commercial designing since 2008. Through talented teams of professionals, they have been receiving awards in excellence for landscape construction since 1990.


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