Video Mystery Shopping Allows You Help Customers Succeed

Video mystery shopping allows you to help businesses grow their success. Have you heard of video mystery shopping? To put it simply, video mystery shopping is like standard mystery shopping, but kicked up a notch! Instead of regular mystery shopping, where you secretly shop at a place of business while thoroughly analyzing and reporting on their business practices, video mystery shopping takes things a step further. Video mystery shopping uses hidden video cameras to record footage while you shop, adding an even deeper level of analysis to the mystery shopping you perform.

Because video mystery shopping is more complicated than standard mystery shopping, additional training is required. And of course, additional audio/video equipment is required as well. Many companies expect that you’ll provide your own equipment, but will help you train with the equipment so that you can perform video mystery shopping effectively. Measure CP is happy to work with video mystery shoppers, and we’ll help you train and practice using your video equipment so that you can video mystery shop effectively for our clients. Like any other skill, it’s always a good idea to practice on your own at home, before going out in the field. After you’re familiar with your equipment inside and out, you’ll be that much more comfortable when it’s time to video mystery shop. After you do a few video mystery shopping trips, it gets easier and it becomes more fun!

So what does a video mystery shopper need to get started? Typically, video mystery shoppers begin by purchasing a button or pinhole video camera that comes with a built-in microphone and a recorder that has a Secure Digital (SD) card, to hold lots of data. You should also develop a system for holding the camera and microphone in place, so that they aren’t seen but can effectively record sound and visuals. Once you have this set up, it will only take moments to put on and take off.

Special licensing isn’t typically required by most states with regard to video mystery shopping, but many states and businesses do have laws or rules posted about recording video while in-store. If you’re video mystery shopping in a state or at a business that has a law, rule, or regulation against video shopping, you could end up in trouble. Measure CP knows the regulations applicable to each state and each business we work with, so you’ll never have to second-guess as to whether video mystery shopping is allowed. Not only do we do the research for you, we protect you as well!

Video mystery shopping is a fantastic way to earn extra income quickly. If you’re considering whether video mystery shopping is right for you, contact Measure CP today and we’ll gladly discuss all the opportunities our mystery shoppers have at their fingertips! .