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Technology continues to increase at a rapid pace and the majority of the population use smartphones or other mobile devices. However, the majority of consumers either do not use technology in restaurants or have maintained similar usage compared to last year. More than half of respondents do not use online or mobile ordering or payment apps or loyalty programs. Since the use of technology by consumers at restaurants is a developing opportunity, these rates are likely to increase over time, especially as Millennials gain spending power.

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Executive Summary
Market drivers Competitive context Offerings Marketing Ordering method Figure 1: Ordering methods at restaurants, January 2014 Technology drivers Figure 2: Technology drivers at restaurants, January 2014 Preferred deals Figure 3: Deal preferences at restaurants, January 2014 Technology behaviors Figure 4: Technology behaviors at restaurants, January 2014 What we think 

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Marketing and feedback: How to reach consumers most effectively The issues The implications Loyalty programs: How can operators encourage repeat business? The issues The implications Ordering and payment: Will tech be an effective way to gain efficiencies? The issues The implications In-store technology: How to encourage consumers to dine-in? The issues The implications
Trend Application
Trend: Influential Trend: Secret, Secret Mintel futures: East Meets West 

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