CALHOUN, Ga. June 9, 2014—Mohawk Group’s DuraColor® Premium Nylon carpet fiber will be the star at NeoCon, June 9-11, in Chicago as the company introduces broadloom and modular products that are “Forever Stain Free, Forever Sustainable, Forever Beautiful.”

“For more than 20 years, DuraColor® Premium Nylon has set the industry standard for permanent stain resistance, design and sustainability,” said Mike Gallman, Mohawk Group’s senior vice president of product management. “Now, Mohawk Group has enhanced this acclaimed fiber by increasing its recycled content to an impressive 30 percent. A portion of the recycled content is sourced from old carpets that have been diverted from landfills and repurposed into high-performing DuraColor fiber.”

Forever Stain Free

Because DuraColor fiber is manufactured with proprietary technology, it resists 99 percent of stains for the life of the carpet and 96 percent of stains are removed with just water. Many carpet manufacturers use topically applied treatments but DuraColor’s stain resistance is inherent to the fiber. “Over time, in the face of foot traffic and due to wear and tear, topically applied stain treatments will inevitably wear off. This can leave ordinary carpets looking worn out and dirty sooner than you might expect,” said Gallman. “With DuraColor, you don’t have to worry about that. For as long as you have the carpet, it will have the stain protection because it is built into the carpet fiber itself.”

When asked what attributes of DuraColor result in its permanent stain resistance, Gallman points to the fiber’s negatively based charge, which is in direct contrast to the positive charge of traditional nylons with topical treatments. Because stains are also negatively charged, carpets made with DuraColor repel stains instead of attracting them.  

Forever Sustainable

DuraColor now boasts 30 percent recycled content and is also 100 percent recyclable at the end of its life on the floor, which is an easy process through Mohawk Group’s established ReCover recycling program. Additionally, carpets made with DuraColor feature an inherent durability, require no chemical cleaners and allow end-users to prolong the life cycles of their installations. With DuraColor, less carpet winds up in landfills. “Lasting nearly twice as long as traditional nylon and backed by a lifetime warranty, DuraColor’s permanently stain-resistant fiber cleans with only water. As a result, the need for harsh chemicals has been eliminated, which improves indoor air quality,” said Gallman.

Forever Beautiful

DuraColor’s new line of 218 pure, practical and beautiful colors offers designers the freedom to create beautiful spaces that will shine forever. Ultimate design flexibility is achieved because designers can boldly use any color to meet the needs of a space, even the lightest colors since stains are not a threat.  Because the fibers do not stain or fade from light, chemical or atmospheric contaminates, Mohawk Group carpets offer lasting beauty.

The Company recently conducted extensive performance testing to confirm what designers and end-users have been saying about DuraColor for years. “We subjected DuraColor to the industry’s most rigorous carpet testing method, and the results were astounding,” said Gallman. “The fibers were able to stand up to an impressive 100 cycles of Taber Abrader and stain testing, which represents years of foot traffic and potential spills.”

New Second Life Program

At NeoCon 2014, Mohawk will preview a new sustainability program called Second Life. The company plans to partner with nonprofits to provide them with gently-used carpet that has been refurbished and sanitized. DuraColor products are an excellent candidate for this program since they carry a lifetime warranty covering stain protection, colorfastness, wetfastness and static protection.

“The great thing about carpets made with DuraColor is that even when it’s time for replacement when it’s time for a new look, they still have a tremendous amount of life left,” said Gallman. “Details are still forthcoming, but we are incredibly excited about previewing Second Life at NeoCon this year. Ultimately, it is a way to connect nonprofit agencies in need with high-performing, attractive carpet at the end of its first application—and at no cost to them. We are pursuing this opportunity because it’s the right thing to do for our communities and our environment.”

DuraColor products will be featured in Mohawk Group’s NeoCon showroom #3-377.

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