SamplingLab Launches New Retail Concept in Portland To Help CPG Brands and Agencies Reach Millennial Consumers

PORTLAND, OR (Nov. 10, 2014) – SamplingLab, a new retail, brick-and-mortar storefront where everything is free in exchange for consumer feedback, launches Nov. 22 in Portland, Ore.

Designed to give consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and their agencies a new and innovative way to reach Millennial consumers, SamplingLab connects the dots among product sampling, consumer feedback and social engagement activities.

“CPG brands are familiar with event-based sampling, street teams and other forms of brand activations to get their products into the hands of consumers, but the downside of these approaches is they often never discover what consumers really think about what they just sampled,” said Jeff Davis, SamplingLab founder and CEO. “SamplingLab puts a framework around marketing activities that many brands are already doing, but in a permanent, retail storefront where consumers can walk in, try products of their choosing for free, then tell the brands what they think.”

How SamplingLab Works

Consumers sign up for free to become SamplingLab members in order to experience new products at SamplingLab. In exchange for the free products, members agree to answer a product-specific questionnaire co-developed by SamplingLab and the participating brands.

SamplingLab is targeting Millennial consumers with CPG products ranging from food and beverage and household goods to health and beauty and pet products -- all merchandised in a casual, inviting setting with a lounge area and free wifi. SamplingLab also anticipates becoming a product testing environment for brands seeking consumer feedback on products before they hit store shelves.

“SamplingLab helps CPG brands become better at listening to what consumers are already saying about them and their products,” Davis said. “We’re improving the two-way communications process by directly connecting consumers with brands eager to hear what they have to say.”  Davis added that SamplingLab rewards its members with perks for sharing their experiences on social networks, thereby helping to boost brand engagement.

Mobile App and Beacon Technology

SamplingLab is deploying the latest retail technology to deliver a richer in-store consumer experience. In addition to a free mobile app that delivers specific product information and features to members' smart devices, SamplingLab is also deploying beacon technology, which are small Bluetooth transmitters placed near product displays that beam additional product details such as videos to members’ smart phones and devices loaded with the SamplingLab app.

In addition to executing product sampling and feedback programs, SamplingLab’s Portland store can help brands with other product research and consumer education by hosting mini-focus groups, product demos and educational presentations.

About SamplingLab

Based in Portland, Ore., SamplingLab is an innovative retail experience where consumers can discover and try new consumer packaged goods (CPG) for free in exchange for feedback on products they sample. For CPG brands, SamplingLab builds a marketing framework around product sampling, consumer feedback and social sharing to create a better consumer experience and greater brand value. For more information, visit or

Media contact:

Jeff Davis, SamplingLab Founder

281-727-8248 (cell)