Artisan Plating And The Time Preserve Strike Gold Again With The "Rosa Cupertino" Plated Apple Watch

LEONARD, MICHIGAN – May 8, 2015 – Once again the team that brought you the world's first gold plated apple watch has struck gold again. Rose gold that is!

Designated and trademarked as "Rosa Cupertino", Artisan Plating and The Time Preserve proudly announce that this spectacular 18kt rose gold finish will be offered to the public immediately on all stainless steel Apple watches and bands including the Milanese and Linked bracelets designs. This beautiful rose gold finish is part of our magnificent Cupertino collection. This collection also includes our "Blanca Cupertino" (Rhodium white gold), "Noir Cupertino" (Dark Ruthenium), "Platina Cupertino" (Platinum) and our widely acclaimed "Aura Cupertino" (18kt yellow gold) to match the Apple gold edition.

Pricing for the Apple watch in rose gold plated finish will be approximately in the $550-$750 range and involves trained specialists who carefully examine each watch and put together a detailed process to meet each customer’s electroplating preferences.

As an added bonus, we will be electroplating your apple watch charger to match your newly plated watch at no additional charge!

To learn more about how to have your stainless steel Apple Watch rose gold plated in our special edition "Rosa Cupertino" finish, please contact us at 248-821-3450 or email us at