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Summary: Painting a home not only gives the house a new look but it also refreshes’ the surrounding area. It is a cheap and affordable way of redecorating a house.  

May 12, 2014; Vancouver, BC: Deciding to repaint the whole house can prove to be time consuming and not everyone has knowledge on the procedures involved in painting a concrete surface.

It is always beneficial to hire professional painters who have been working in the business for a long time. They know what kind of paint mixes with what solutions and how even the difficult surfaces and corners can be reached with the paint.

Budget & Save Painters and Creative Design is a service that specialized in color design as well as full painting services, home renovations, decoration for new construction for commercial and residential clients. The company also offers Vancouver Paint Colors Consultation for any kinds of projects or individuals.

The Services We Provide:

As a committed service center, we rigorously strive toward exceeding the client’s expectation.  The trust of the client is the most important thing that we offer through the painting and decorating services. Because of the utilization and practice of safe (ZERO VOC) paint products by the company, it has not only helped to save money but also helped in keeping the environment safe.

All Types of Painting:

While painting a home or any working spaces it is crucial to not simply go with the shade of the color but consideration should also be paid on the quality and properties of the paint. Factors that need to be considered include; the surface type to be painted, the age of the surface, making sure that the condition of the surface is in paintable shape, and the quality and type of the previous paint used.

Color Consultation:

The key to enhancing the beauty of a home is painting the room in such a way that it meets the right purpose for the room. At Budget & Save Painters and Creative Design we offer color consultation service so that clients are able to understand the elements of colors and how it affects the moods of an atmosphere.

Decks / Fences

A complimenting touch of color on the fences and decks can turn even the most boring spaces into a warm and luxurious outdoor area. Our services offer affordable and quality exterior paintings, where clients can select the stain and colors of the paint.

Interior / Exterior & Renovations

Depending on the client’s need we provide services of highly skilled painters and decorators who will work tirelessly to satisfy the client. The techniques we implement are innovative and creative so that every project receives an individual touch.

 Pressure Washing

Pressure washing service removes suborn dirt and stains that can spoil the beauty of a house. We have trained employees who can handle any modern pressure washing machines.


We offer expert flooring services to help clients maintain a sparkling floor. From cleaning the stains on the floor to providing protective shield upon the floor surface, Budget & Save Painters and Creative Design give the best solution.  

About Budget & Save Painters and Creative Design: Being known as a reliable and impeccable service provider, Budget & Save Painters and Creative Design works through the demands of every individual’s wishes as the company believes in delivering only the best solutions.

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