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Atlanta, GA (March 6, 2014) - Investigative Solutions, LLC is a private investigation agency is based in Atlanta, Florida and Peachtree. This firm is offering private investigation services mostly to the insurance companies, advocates, corporations, and small businesses and also to the general public.  They are highly professional in their practice that they keep exceptionally confidential. Their clients are spread both nationally and internationally.


Investigative Solutions, LLC offers all those services which are required to meet the customers’ concerns. They have a range of services and expertise and most importantly the firm works in a customized way with great efficiency.


The services that one can be availed after being associated with this investigating firm are technological investigation, DNS examination, litigation support, strike support, executive protection services, cell phone forensics, private investigation areas services, hack cell phone, tactical support services, infidelity and cheating spouse investigation etc. Amongst all these the Cell Phone Forensics is the most popular service provided by the firm.


The Cell phone Forensics service provided by Investigation Solution is one of a kind in this industry. The firm holds a very strong background of data recovery and thus they are highly adept in performing digital forensic investigation. This particular service is comprised of acquisition of forensically sound data, repossession of forensic documents and expert investigation maintaining the best possible security measures along with the string of protection. They have smooth access to the electronic media since they own a range of skilled apparatus that help in handling huge amount of electronic documents. They are capable of recovering data or getting hint of the problem.


When it comes to digital investigation the firm is very strict in following some guidelines. Mostly the client who they provide such forensic services are attorneys, private investigation agencies, individuals and also the litigation support professionals. 


The firm has worldwide associates and in case it is incapable of fulfilling the clients’ need it refers them to the concerned associates who are able to meet that particular need.


Apart from all the above mentioned services, Investigation solutions also provides training programs consisting of variety of courses like history of protection, reality vs. myth, the legality of detail etc. For different sections the heads are Jason Ercole (private investigator), Greg Coldwell (Digital forensics technician), Brett Nichols (Private investigator) Nigel Lange (Polygraph examiner).


Clients, who tried the services provided by the firm are exceedingly satisfied and recommend it to the others. Their worldwide network makes the service more reliable and trustworthy.


About Investigative Solutions LLC:

Investigative Solutions LLC is an investigating firm providing the most advance services to meet the need of the 21st century. The team provides results that are highly effective for the clients’ urgent disquiet. To know more please visit



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