Greystone Residential Announces Dallas Real Estate Investment Weekend

Greystone Residential is proud to announce to real estate investors an exciting event in Dallas, September 22-23 at the Fairmont Hotel, between 8am-6pm each day.

 Join Greystone Residential for a 2-day real estate investment seminar and bus tour of downtown Dallas, as well as an extensive bus tour of Greystone Residential’s new construction, residential developments in Dallas, and learn how ‘take your investment portfolio to the next level’.

 Network with investment professionals and learn the basics of Real Estate investments, how to analyze and identify the best markets in the US, and how to accurately and safely build and scale a residential real estate investment portfolio.

 “Our U.S. property investment seminars and tours are like no other in the US. Over the course of our exciting two-day event we feature detailed, current and relevant real estate investment education, workshops and Q&A, and luxury coach tours of the hottest markets.   Investors and real estate agents will be able to visit newly built and managed properties owned by current Greystone clients as well as new sites under construction for future clients. You will leave the event feeling confident, educated and ready to invest!   No matter what level of investor you are and whatever your financial goals may be, Greystone’s real estate investment seminars and bus tours are packed with education, excitement and opportunity. Meet our team and get all your questions answered about real estate investment in the US.,” Anna Denooijer, Greystone Residential Event Coordinator.


Guests will be treated to a luxury bus tour of Dallas on the first day, and on the second day, they will have the opportunity to see first-hand brand new developments that have been built for clients, as well as homes that are currently in construction. Get all your questions answered by experts and plan your next investment.


At the end of the seminar you will:

·         Understand the fundamentals of real estate investment

·         Become an expert on the Dallas market

·         Have one-on-one time with our experts to help you design the portfolio that fits your real estate investment objectives

·         Have the opportunity to qualify for a $5,000 Travel voucher (with property purchase)

·         Be able to start the property purchase process

If you are interested in finding more about the Dallas Real Estate Investment weekend and want to find out how to register for this unique opportunity please visit our Events Page, write to us on or call us on 586.482.8156


About Greystone Residential


Greystone Residential has designed a unique end-to-end platform that allows both international and domestic investors the ability to capitalize on opportunities by having one comprehensive solution for investing in new construction single-family property.  The Build-to-Rent platform is a unique end-to-end platform that enables international and domestic investors to capitalize on opportunities by accessing one comprehensive investment solution in new construction, single-family property.


This end-to-end approach provides a complete solution that mitigates risk by assisting with Financing, LLC & Bank Account Formation, U.S. Tax Accounting services, and Property Management.  Go to to enroll in a Greystone Residential seminar to learn about real estate investment and choose Greystone Residential to begin to receive passive income.


Greystone Residential’s senior management is directly responsible for the development of over 20,000 single-family units across multiple U.S. markets.  At the heart of Greystone Residential’s success is a diverse team of employees across the country whose passion, commitment, and integrity are a critical part of every property delivered. Their detailed understanding and complex insight into the markets that have been selected is the driving force that ensures success and maximizes value for clients and partners.

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