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SHENZHEN, CHINA - There are a variety of eBusiness and eCommerce platforms on the internet these days. However, it is quite difficult to identify the right platform. The process is not only time consuming but also next to impossible to validate the right manufacturers and suppliers. Online businesses have to go through a lot of hurdles such as business fraud, consignments not meeting the sample requirements, loss of credit, etc. At, manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and buyers can be assured of trading on a much better and secured platform. Buyers would be able to get some basic information about the manufacturers such as their business license, China factory product information, purchase details, etc. This information will help buyers make informed purchase decisions.

Interested, qualified, verified and validated wholesale manufacturers and China suppliers can be a part of the Ciqem group. Members would be able to understand about the buyers and the procurement process. They would also learn as to why it is important to display more products. They would also get tips to reach more buyers on and how members can use their accounts to attract more buyers. Over a period of time these members would be able to improve their online performance and maximize their return of investment through various strategies, training programs, workshops and performance analysis.

This is a unique B2B and an M2B platform that allows wholesale manufacturers and suppliers to Wholesale Suppliers display their products and buyers to buy the displayed products. is a global marketplace which has over 60 thousand verified China suppliers. The site offers safe and simple trading solutions. Buyers can easily access the verified suppliers. Buyers need to follow simple steps to complete their online sourcing. All that they have to do is to find the products, screen the results, contact the suppliers themselves and start trading with them with utmost confidence. Buyers can use the's Inspection Service to ensure the product quality from reliable inspectors who offer their services at affordable rates.

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About, based at Shenzhen, China is a company that provides e-commerce Wholesale Products services and is guided by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQ). The suppliers in the database are manufacturers who are assessed and classified by the CIQ and are verified by the QEM or China Quality Export Manufacturers.

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