Digital Marketing Services Available For Family Law Offices

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Quality lead generation for any business is crucial for the development and growth of a company or firm.One North Carolina company, Family Law Marketer, helps family law firms throughout the country grow their business by finding more quality, targeted leads using their proven lead generation digital marketing system.

The company is credited as the expert family law marketing firm for helping clients improve their Google ad and social media ad campaigns, driving more traffic to family law websites, and improving firm’s ability to convert website visitors into paying clients.

“Our services are specifically tailored to the family law industry,” says David Phillips, founder of Family Law Marketer. “A lot of small family law firms handle their own online marketing, but what many people do not realize is that digital marketing – especially family law marketing – is not as easy as it seems.”

Family Law Marketer focuses on helping family law firms develop and utilize some of the best online marketing strategies currently available, including email marketing campaigns, Google ad campaigns, as well as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram ads.

“Our system allows family law firms to turn their online marketing campaigns into a systematic, automated program to generate leads on a daily basis,” Phillips says. “It positions our clients as an authority figure in their area, which enables them to attract and convert more clients than their local competitors.”

According to Phillips, his firm not only specializes in helping family law firms improve their ROI through targeted lead generation techniques but they also only help “one attorney or firm per U.S. city.” He says, “this ensures our clients are gaining the competitive edge they deserve.”

For more information about Family Law Marketer or to request a free competition analysis, visit or call 888-979-7528.

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Family Law Marketer
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