Addressing Science’s Questions as Christians

Saint Louis, MO—Science is a valuable tool in today’s world. But it often creates more questions than it answers. As Christians, how can we solidly embrace faith as a means of explaining the inexplicable?

Faith and Science in a Skeptical Age, edited by Dr. Jesse Yow, will be released this spring. Published by Concordia Publishing House, the book is a resource for those searching for purpose and meaning.

“This book recognizes that science does not hold all life’s answers,” said Laura Lane, CPH editor. “In fact, as science generates more questions, people look to other sources for understanding truth and achieving contentment. Faith and Science shows Christians how to respond to a world focused on finding definitive answers to life’s mysteries.”

Current topics and their impacts on culture are explored through the publication. Topics examined include:

Heaven and hell

Near-death experiences

Angels and demons


Alien exploration

Stem-cell research, cloning and more.

Find Faith and Science in the CPH Bookstore and other Christian bookstores, as well as online through For more information, or to set up a book review or an interview with the editor, contact Beth Behrhorst, CPH public relations, (314) 268-1294.

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