keyboard_arrow_up Announces Process of New Apollo Full Spectrum LED Video Testing

Los Angeles, California, January 25, 2013: is thrilled to reveal current test procedures on two Apollo full spectrum LEDs. These tests are done by two independent professionals who have made the process available to the public via Youtube videos.

One of the independent professional is Hygrohybrid. These tests that are conducted include two 120x3w Apollo full spectrums and two 96x3w Apollo VEG spectrum LEDs. The other independent professional tester is Justintime2grow. This test that is being conducted includes a single 120x3w Apollo full spectrum LED. manufactures LED grow lights that provide a high level of quality for growing plants indoors, such as in greenhouses, tents or a nursery. These premium lights offer customers successful results, and the gardening style utilized is unique to people who want to incorporate advanced technology into their horticultural approach. With a large inventory and continuous product addition, the company uses independent testers for all of their lighting products. Results have found that testing helps the company to provide superior lighting designs that improve plant growth to yield genuine outcomes. takes pride in providing valuable products and satisfactory customer service. Their main focus is ensuring that all customers receive quality designed and durable LED horticulture lights at a reasonable cost.

Anyone in need of more details on the company’s product line and testing procedures can find out more by visiting the GrowBlu website or by calling 1-909-265-4769.

About GrowBlu: GrowBlu is not just a manufacturer; they are also indoor gardeners who believe in providing the highest quality at all times. Their grow lights are technology driven and not just the ‘run-of-the-mill’ LED lights. The company operates out of Los Angeles, California, but serves customers worldwide. With the help of independent professionals, the company is able to offer honest growth results that customers can trust.

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