Excellent WAWF Training by Milpac

[RAMONA, 01/09/2014] – Milpac, a leader in defense contract packaging and shipping, is proud to provide outstanding Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) training courses for all vendors working with the Department of Defense (DoD) or other military arms.The company uses their solid background in the industry to prepare suppliers in utilizing this web-based solution to streamline their business and help them become a reliable partner of government agencies.


Milpac notes that DoD vendors can learn a substantial amount of knowledge and experience from the training they provide.The Ramona, California-based software developing company explains that their WAWF training covers everything that suppliers need to know to achieve a high level of competence in using the program, and help them meet their business goals. They share that vendors should expect to achieve the following by the end of all training sessions:

•    Receiving feed backs real-time via the web
•    Directly submitting and monitoring invoices
•    Accessing documents from any location for streamlining the process
•    Receiving system-generated email notifications for making informed decisions
•    Speeding up the payment process through faster document routing and reduced cases of document loss or misplacement

The company firmly believes that achieving these training objectives are necessary not just to meet the standards set by the federal government, but also to maximize their profits. They are aware of how challenging the task of supplying military items to US forces across the globe.This is why they are confident that they can ready even the first-time suppliers for this tough undertaking.


Milpac explains that the training covers the basics and the complex parts of the process.The company offers different course curriculum,including:

•    WAWF History
•    Relevant Policies and Guidelines
•    Metrics and Mandates
•    System Architecture and Design
•    Roles and Transaction Modes
•    Introduction to DoD’s IUID, GFP, and RFID

They add that vendors will get a chance to launch the system to give them an actual experience WAWF’s Navigation and Interface before accessing the Production System and Training Subsystem. Milpac shares that vendors can take the training either online or offline through a pre-arrange classroom setting.

About Milpac

Milpac is a premier software developer designed to meet the specialized requirements of defense contract shipping and packaging.The company has been in the business since 1982, and continues to refine products and solutions for a variety of defense initiatives. The company’s shipping is located at 1672 Main Street, Suite 254, Ramona, California 92065.

Clients can call the company at 1 760 788 3030 or visit for more information about their WAWF training classes.