July is a steal for Bumper Stickers

A bumper sticker is an iconic method of promoting your business or message each and every time you’re on the road. They can boast about a great product or service you offer.  They can demand attention to a political, humanitarian or social cause, or they can simply aim for a chuckle. In any case, they remain as popular today as ever.

Despite their wild disparity in purpose or intent, the one unifying element of all bumper stickers is their toughness. Your vehicle is no place for a sticker of inadequate holding power, water or UV resistance. You need something that has been designed and built to last. And that is what we provide at Gecko Sticker Signage.

Our bumper stickers are not created equal! They are created using the finest waterproof and UV resistant inks, printed on strong and enduring outdoor vinyls.  They are scratch and chemical resistant, ensuring graphics won’t scuff, fade or rub-off when cleaned.  With no limit to size, shape or colours, you are assured of finishing with a sticker that will exceed your expectations.

Best yet, throughout the course of July, any order of bumper stickers from your source at Gecko Sticker Signage will net you a full 20% off the quoted price. That’s right, our tough and vivid bumper stickers are yours for a big discount after July 1.

If you’re looking for a method to reach customers, or simply want to make your views known to anyone behind you on the road, you simply can’t beat the classic method of a good old-fashion bumper sticker. Contact Gecko Sticker Signage to get started.


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