Make Custom T-shirts – A How To Guide on Designing

These days anyone can make custom tshirts, from the local high school band to the community league team. It is inexpensive and can be a great way to create unity and team spirit. It can be used to advertise an event or market a business. Most companies that offer screen-printing for custom t-shirts are experienced professionals that can assist you in creating the perfect design and avoiding mistakes that often leave beginner’s unsatisfied with their final product.

Even with the help of a professional, it is a good idea to have an idea of the design process before starting.
The first step to any designs process is brainstorming. This is where you look at your design, come up with it, and come up with ways to make it better. A good design takes time and it takes creativity. Any artist will tell you that these two aspects can never be rushed. Involve other members of your group or friends so that everyone has a say in the group’s design. The more people, the more ideas, and that often leads to a better design.

If you are trying to make custom tshirts (with respect to the design) consider the group and the message, you want to get across. Is the group older, more old fashioned or does it take things with a more modern flair. Is the group crazy or understated and elegant? Do you have a serious message or are you a group designed to be fun? All of these things need to be considered when it comes to creating a design that is going to represent your group.

Some people may be inclined to throw all their designs on the custom t-shirts, however, it is better to consider simplicity. You want your design to communicate an idea and too much stuff on your shirt can detract from the message you are trying to communicate.
Once you have the design down you need to start thinking about color. You want to keep in mind that the more colors you use, the more ink you use, the more expensive your shirts are going to be. If you are on a limited budget, consider simplifying your color choices. Get in touch with the printer to obtain samples to ensure you are getting the right shades. It is important to remember that the sample is not always completely accurate as to the color that you will get. You also have to consider the design, text, and the color of the shift. White shirts for example, will not look good with yellow writing.

The size of the design is also important. Print the design out on paper during the final stage to ensure that the sizes of everything are going to look good. Place the piece of paper up against your chest so that you can adjust the size to ensure it fits well on the shirt. It is important to make sure that it is not too big that it does not fit. It is also important to make sure that you can read the text on the shirt form an appropriate distance.

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