The bearing part should be the main factor that could determine the service life of dental handpiece

China - To let each dental technician get one set of high quality dental handpiece, the famous dental equipment supplier and manufacturer Mident Industrial Co., Ltd try their best to enhancing their workmanship and increasing the technical content during these years¡¯ development. Their general technical director has said most of their customers who are from dental clinics all over the world fully concern about the service life of their dental handpiece. Today, the senior technical director of this famous manufacturer will teach dental technician the main factors which could determine the service life of this product.

Whether it is the dental equipment supplier or low speed handpiece, the service life of this dental equipment should be mainly determined by the proper cleaning and maintenance, bearing materials and production processes, the materials and workmanship of the internal line of the hand piece. Among above three factors, the bearing part should be the most important factor which could largely determine the service life of this dental device.

Bearings are precision parts of this dental device. All dentists should have fully understanding that this part could be easily to be broken. If the methods of cleaning and maintenance are not properly, it can easily lead to damage of this product.

The bearings of traditional dental low speed handpieces are produced by the steel. Generally speaking, movement of this device is consisted of outer ring, inner ring, cage and ball. Today, the high class dental pieces from Mident Industrial are all applied the ceramic ball bearings. The ceramic ball bearings mainly have the following advantages:

The first advantage should be the good hardness. It is estimated that the hardness of the ceramic materials is about 20% higher than the stainless steel material.

Secondly, the lightweight is another strong point of the ceramic ball bearing. The weight of the ceramic material is about one second lighter than the weight of stainless steel. This advantage could highly reduce the contact surface between the bearing friction and the syringe drive.

The excellent durability should be another strong point of the ceramic ball bearing in the dental handpiece. The ceramic ball bearing could withstand high temperature which is greater than normal steel ball bearings.

From here, people could find that the high quality ceramic bearings should let the dental high speed handpiece owns lower noise and longer service life. Of course, the quality of ceramic bearings in the current market is also uneven and not all of the ceramic ball bearings are better than the steel ball bearing. In that case, dental technicians need to firstly find a high quality supplier in this industry. The Mident Industrial Co., Ltd should be the excellent one in this industry.

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