Subsynct – Web App Built to Market and Manage Subscription Services

We are pleased to announce that the arrival of is almost here. The much- anticipated launch of the subscription services marketplace will take place on July 3rd, 2014.

Subsynct is a web application, developed as a subscription service marketplace with a social factor. It is one location where people can browse and shop for any subscription services. You can also manage and compare subscriptions, along with get suggestions for subscriptions that might suit you. The web-app also has a social factor, where you can login with your Facebook, follow your friends, and see what subscriptions your friends have.

The primary efforts of Subsynct are to build an application for an industry that has become increasingly relevant and abruptly saturated. Administering primary market research through survey has proven it is only the beginning of the subscription services industry. Secondary research findings prove the relevance of subscription growth over the years. says, “subscription box services are here to stay”. Thus, an application that contributes to the trend, can only anticipate success.

About Subsynct

Subsynct - A subscription marketplace where you can manage your subscriptions to stay organized. You can look at reviews and ratings of prospect subscriptions, and has a social aspect where you can login with Facebook and see what your friends are subscribing to.


If you’d like more information on Subsynct, or to schedule and interview, please call (407) 432-9141 or email me We look forward to hearing from you!