Effective Thyroid Eye Disease Treatments from Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists, the leading eye and ear medical practice in California, offers treatment for thyroid eye disease. Their team of health experts may create an individualized healthcare plan according to the needs of patients.

[Los Angeles, June 25, 2014] – Pacific Specialists, the Los Angeles-based eye and ear center, is offering effective specialized treatments for thyroid eye disease patients. Patients suffering from the autoimmune condition can count on the team to deliver individualized health care.

Grave’s Eyes Disease

Also known as the Grave’s eye disease, the condition happens when immune cells attack the thyroid gland. The gland then excretes excessive amounts of thyroid hormone as a response, which eventually leads to hypermetabolism. Pacific Specialists notes that the eyes are the most vulnerable in such autoimmune attack, as immune cells may mistake the eye muscles and connective tissues within the eye socket as part of the glands.

The disease may worsen depending on the severity of the condition. Symptoms of thyroid eye disease may include dry eyes, swelling, irritation, or in some cases, double vision or loss of sight.

Reliable Healthcare Service

As the most reliable eye health practice in California, Pacific Specialists takes pride in its first-class specialized treatment. For many years, they have been treating patients suffering from thyroid eye disease. They have acquired the required level of medical expertise and experience to create an individualized medical plan for each patient. Through safe and effective procedures, they help improve vision and prevent loss of eyesight due to the thyroid disease.

Integrity Above All Else

Pacific Specialists upholds integrity in all its health care services. Their team strives to deliver quality treatments through world-class equipment and tailor-made treatment plans. The center notes that patients may expect to consult experienced eye specialists each visit.

About Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists is the leading provider of eye and ear healthcare services in California. They are dedicated to delivering superb medical care to its many patients. Their practice is founded on medical excellence, integrity, and industry experience.

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