Michael Kors: The name of world famous clother designer and his own apparel brand

USA – Michael Kors who is the famous American fashion designer own clothing brand of his own name. This designer has the minimalist design style which is simple and clear and he like making use of advanced fabrics to sew clothing. The cashmere knitting style is his favorite. He also specializes in designing luxury sportswear. Based on his sui generis design, his concept for designation has already won the world’s attention.

The Michael Kors clothes reflect in the American casual style. On the other hand, the Michael Kors also created another causal brand Celine. So, how could designer Michael Kors see the relationship between Michael Kors UK and Celine? Now, the editor from famous Michael Kors clothes online seller give people the detailed answer from this famous designer. Michael Kors said:”They will be very different. The clothes with may own name as brand should be a typical American style. However, the Celine clothes are very noble, beautiful and international. For example, the Celine clothes often use the expensive fabric such as popular silk, chiffon, leather and other gorgeous one. The Celine clothes I have created could reflect the reality of women’s lives and it can be very childish and it could also be very mature.”

Today, the Paris Fashion Week already rolled up a new wave for chasing for the designation from American designer. For this new trend, the great designer Michael Kors also said:” Today is the era of internationalization without any boundaries. Most of people could wear the same clothes. However, they could change the wearing style but according to different needs and occasion. From the previous development of Japanese designer of past to Belgian designer, the British designer and the Americans, this trend could explain with people the clothes trend changing is international.”

Nowadays, michael kors bags uk is always non-stop to visit headquarters of Celine and Michael Kors between New York and Paris. One of the famous quotes of this world famous clothes designer is-For senior apparel brand, if it could be wear by people on streets, the expensive cost should not be a sin.

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