Learn Why The Simple Game Of Rummy Is So Interesting?

Indian rummy is a game that has been around for a while. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the game has been there for generations with the love for this game being passed on one generation to the next. Have you ever wondered why. There is no doubt that the game is interesting enough to keep playing again and again but it is also simple enough that people can pick up the mode and rules of playing easily. But is that the only reason why 13 cards rummy still holds the interest of people?

Though there are many theories that talk about and clarify as to why Online Indian Rummy is such a popular game, we believe that it can be attributed to one single thing – rummy as a game is always evolving. It is simple; when people started playing rummy it was not even called that. It is supposed to have evolved from several games like Mahjong, Conquian and Poker to name a few.

Even as Gin rummy came about and the Indian form of 13 cards rummy also came about, it did not simply stop there. It evolved further 13 cards rummy split into more variants. All this while still retaining the original flavor and integrity of rummy that makes it so endearing to us. What is more even as we speak our beloved Indian rummy is still evolving. One of the giant steps that this game has taken in as far as evolution is concerned is to become available online. This single step has made the game instantly available to anybody who wants to play with the best possible configuration.

Online rummy card games has not only retained the charm and appeal of the offline game but comes to you full of other features that make it so appealing. These include not only convenience in terms of time but also the fact that you can always find somebody to play with any time of the day or night without even venturing from the place you are seated makes it a boon for rummy game lovers. Add to this all the additional factors like offers, realistic sound effects while playing and the wherewithal to chat when you play and you have a winning combination.

Apart from evolving into almost ten variants of the basic game of rummy there have also been some additional variations of the basic game like 21 card rummy which is an extended version of 13 cards rummy with the use of three packs of cards and some changes in the way joker is used. This makes for a good change of pace from the regular game.

The thing about rummy games is that it is not just this one indication of evolution; you can be sure that there will be a lot more over time. This one single factor is enough to keep us interested in this game. Who can resist a game that keeps evolving to become interesting all the time?


Even with the advent of so many new games in the online realm, the simple game of rummy still manages to keep its place as one of the top favorites in the list and this can be attributed to the dynamic nature of the game.