High working performance of paving machine depends on the carefully maintaining

China - After carefully market search, the engineer from famous paving machine China manufacturer Shandong Gaifeng machinery CO., LTD found that most of their clients do not understand some attentively points about the maintenance for hydraulic system of this machine. Today, this engineer specially asked the website editor to collect the information below to share with each of their clients or potential clients these attentively factors.

In the using of the paver laying machine , the good maintenance of the hydraulic system can help each people greatly reduce the failure rate of this machine. The general attentively points of the hydraulic system maintaining could be greatly concluded into the following factors.

First, before adding the hydraulic to hydraulic oil tank, people need to use the clean containers to store the oil and the hydraulic oil need to be filtered before adding into the hydraulic tank. On the other hand, the change intervals of the hydraulic oil should be totally depended on the quality of the oil. Typically, the normally replacing time should be every 1000h. The replacing process of the hydraulic oil should be at the normal operating temperature. In order to keep the good heat dissipation of hydraulic system, operator need to regularly clean the hydraulic oil cooler.

Secondly, due to the working environment of the paver laying machine is generally very severely, the changing time of the hydraulic oil filter should be shortened which time is generally 750h appropriately. Before the replacement of the filter, people should carefully check whether the filter is deformed or rust. The badly quality filter will largely affect the normally operation of the machine.

Thirdly, when people first start the engine of the paving machine at everyday, the machine should be idled for some time and then the normally operation of this machine could be started. This habit could let the machine has good working condition and the failure rate will be greatly reduced.

At last, due to the long-term use of pavers, its hydraulic system parameters may be has some unimaginable changing. Therefore, each operator or engineer should regularly check the hydraulic system parameters and adjust these incorrect parameters and values in a timely manner.

In addition to the attentively points before, the user for the paving machine should also regularly clean each part of this machine as the adversely working environment of this machine could easily let this machine get many dirties and foreign bodies which will do great harm to the normally operation of the paving machine.

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