Santa Fe's Top Seafood Destination: Mariscos Costa Azul, Authentic Mexican-style Seafood

There are many reasons patrons queue up in long lines at Mariscos Costa Azul, but to sum it up: Mexican style seafood therapy. Yes, even in landlocked Santa Fe, it’s possible to find incredibly fresh and well-prepared seafood served in big portions. Mariscos Costa Azul is a moderately priced, family-friendly Santa Fe restaurant specializing in authentic Mexican style seafood using recipes from Puerto Vallarta. Their delicious, fresh and healthy seafood dinners range from $8 to $14. Mariscos Costa Azul is a perennial reader’s poll winner of the Santa Fe Reporter‘s annual Best Seafood and Best Mexican Restaurant categories.

The color palette within the restaurant evokes a sense of Mexico déjà vu. The multi-page whimsically designed menu (shaped like a plump snapper) goes way beyond tilapia tacos and includes some uniquely named dishes like No Te Rajes(literally “don’t you crack”), a shrimp and baby octopus cocktail, and a seafood soup in a rich broth known as Caldo Vuelve a la Vida (literally “come back to life”).

Everything is obviously prepared by a skilled chef. The avocado dip is something special! Better than any guacamole, it melds ripe avocados, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos into a creamy concoction that you might dream about later. A wonderfully piquant and obviously fresh pico de gallo style salsa accompanies the avocado dip, both of which are served with a basket of crisp corn tortilla chips. The citrus-infused tostadas de ceviche at Mariscos will leave an indelible imprint on your taste buds. Available with fish, shrimp or a combination of both, each tostada features finely chopped seafood catalyzed in tangy citrus juices then topped with cucumber, onion and tomatoes. Best of all, you can order these treasures as an appetizer or as an entrée. It’s simply the very best ceviche you’ll find in Santa Fe!

Or, just keep it simple: Shrimp tacos and tomato beers! This only begins to demonstrate the menu offerings, though. You could dine here for weeks and not test the full menu. Surprise: They have horchata and it is authentic and refreshing. The house coffee is a delicious cinnamon-blessed treat. Even the Coca-Cola is foodie-worthy – it’s the good stuff, you know, from Mexico. No corn syrup, just good old-fashioned cane sugar.

Mariscos Costa Azul 
Authentic Mexican-style seafood
2875 Cerrillos Road,
Santa Fe NM 87507               

Phone | (505) 473-4594