Olewo Carrots Cure Dog Diarrhea in Champion Border Collies

Pinon Hills, CA – Friday, July 3, 2014 — For more than 35 years, Olewo Carrots have been proven and trusted as an all natural and quick-acting remedy for diarrhea in dogs of all ages. Just ask Audrey Young of Pinon Hills, California, who has been involved in the dog world for more than 30 years and also has been a Border Collier owner for the past six years. Young, who is a professional photographer, has seven Border Collies of her own, ranging in age from one to six years. Two of her dogs, April and Cupid—who are both three years old—compete in American Kennel Club Conformation Dog Shows; April is set to earn her international championship in September of this year.

In 2013, Young bred April and Cupid, who had a litter of five puppies. Young fell in love with the puppies and kept four from the litter. “Border Collies are like potato chips,” she says with a laugh. “They are very addictive; you can’t have just one!”  To share her “addiction,” Young has launched a website to showcase her dogs —

From the time April and Cupid’s puppies were born, each one suffered from loose stool and diarrhea, and as a result, they all had difficulty gaining weight.  "It not only was both difficult and worrisome handling five puppies with diarrhea," Young says, but she also had to bathe each pup every day, because they constantly were soiling their rear feathers.  “It was such a mess, and so much work every day,” she remembers.

Young took the puppies to the veterinarian, who could not explain why they were suffering from this condition.  Neither April or Cupid ever had suffered from digestive issues.  The veterinarian prescribed a variety of medications, but the drugs were ineffective in curing the runny stool and diarrhea.  “The medications would seem to be working for a while, but then the loose stool and diarrhea would start up again,” Young says.  In a sense, Young was relieved that the prescribed drugs were not the answer.  “I really didn’t want to keep the puppies on strong medications,” she said.

After switching dog foods several times, searching online continuously for a remedy and trying “anything and everything” to help her puppies, Young discovered Olewo Carrots online at, and she placed her first order.  Young started adding the all natural pet food supplement to the puppies’ food the day she received her order, and she was amazed by the short-term results.

“The puppies’ stools were no longer runny, and they began to take shape in just a couple of days,” Young reports. “Within a week, every one of the puppies had normal stools.  I just bought a 33-pound bag of Olewo Carrots,” Young adds. “I am never taking them off this supplement. Why should I? It’s working!” 

While Cupid, the puppies’ father, never experienced problems with diarrhea, he did suffer terribly from another common canine condition—skin allergies.  “Cupid’s veterinarian also prescribed medication to control his skin allergies; the medication costs $200 a month,” Young says.  After Cupid suffered a terrible reaction to the medication and became “deathly sick,” Young decided to try Olewo Red Beets, and all of his skin issues quickly resolved.  Young now gives Olewo Red Beets to all of her dogs.

“The dogs’ coats are so much softer than they were before, and they are so nice to touch,” Young says.  “I am just sold on this company and their products,” Young continues. “My dogs live in the house with me and sleep with me; they mean everything to me, and I only want the best for them.”

According to WebMD

The two most common causes of diarrhea in dogs are dietary indiscretion and intestinal parasites. Many canine infectious diseases are also associated with acute diarrhea.  Intestinal parasites are a common cause of acute and chronic diarrhea in puppies and adults. The greatest problems are caused by roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, threadworms, and giardia.  Diarrhea is a common side effect of many drugs and medications, particularly the NSAIDs, which include aspirin. Some heart medications, some dewormers, and most antibiotics also can cause diarrhea.  Dogs can experience diarrhea when they’re excited or upset - for example, when they’re going to the veterinary hospital or a dog show. In fact, any sudden change in a dog’s diet or living circumstances may cause emotional diarrhea.


Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets dog food supplements are made from super nutritious, premium, non-GMO vegetables cultivated and produced in Germany.  The all natural supplements are 1-ingredient products, without additives, and are preserved naturally through dehydration. Olewo supplements have been trusted and proven for over 35 years to effectively fill nutritional gaps in a dog's diet to promote overall health and remedy a range of common canine health issues, naturally.

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Olewo Carrots Dog Food Supplement

  • Quickly eliminates dog diarrhea and stomach upsets
  • Helps maintain healthy digestion and provides natural deworming
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat and helps relieve dry and itchy dog skin
  • Enhances coat color and improves markings and pigmentation
  • Strengthens the immune system and promotes vitality
  • Daily whole food vitamin supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs

Olewo Red Beets Dog Food Supplement

  • Helps relieve skin allergies and itchiness in dogs
  • Provides natural detoxification and anti-inflammatory support
  • Boosts metabolism and helps control weight
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support to help prevent illness and disease
  • Daily whole food vitamin supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs


In the 1970’s, during an era when natural foods and supplements for pets were not common, a pharmacist in Germany discovered the nutritional advantages and healing powers of carrots while doing research to help cure children who were becoming ill and dying during an epidemic of diarrhea in German orphanages.  The children were given carrot soup, which resolved the diarrhea and made them well again.

Around the same time, a Doberman breeder in Germany experienced the same problem with his dogs becoming ill and dying from severe diarrhea.  The breeder sought help from the same pharmacist, who after continued research found that carrots would also be the cure for dog diarrhea, but that the carrots would have to be shredded and dehydrated to be effective in dogs. A local vegetable farmer then produced the first dehydrated carrot chips, which were given to the dogs. The carrot chips resolved the diarrhea and quickly made the dogs well again.

Foregoing a new direction toward natural nutrition in the pet food industry, Karl-Heinz OLEschkewitz in WOltersdorf, Germany, continued to produce dehydrated carrot chips for dogs, which is how OLEWO was founded.


Ina Schielke, founder of Olewo USA, and exclusive distributor of Olewo products in the US and Canada, strongly believes that despite increased focus on pet health in recent years, many dogs are not getting optimal nutrient levels, especially when fed commercial foods. Dogs eating commercial food can be compared to humans eating fast food, there simply isn’t enough nutrition in processed foods to thrive and prevent disease. While better ingredients go into the making of holistic dog foods, we can’t ignore the fact that most of these premium foods are processed with high heat, just like the other brands with lower quality ingredients.  As a result, most of the natural nutrients in the premium ingredients are lost during the heat processing, and synthetic vitamins and minerals are added back in at the end, which are by far not as effective as vitamins and minerals from a natural source.  With more than a decade of experience in the pet industry, and having owned and operated a small specialty pet store, Petropolis, in downtown Sarasota, FL, I find it overwhelming how many new products for pet health are being introduced each year.  While consumers tend to always hunt for the newest products on the market that promise to help their dogs stay healthy, or provide a solution to common canine health issues, they need to realize that new products are not proven and have no track record.  After discovering Olewo pet food supplements many years ago, which quickly resolved ongoing health issues with our own dogs, I experienced firsthand that “new” doesn’t always mean “better”. Olewo products were developed more than 35 years ago, longer than most pet product companies have been in business. The all natural pet food supplements are made from super nutritious, premium, non-GMO vegetables cultivated and produced in Germany, and have been proven to effectively fill nutritional gaps in pet food to promote overall health and remedy a range of common health issues in pets.  I also learned that the best way to improve our dogs’ health is by staying as close to nature as possible.  After promoting Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets at Petropolis, the supplements quickly became the best selling products in the store. When I was offered to take over the US distribution of Olewo products, which was handled by a Georgia company 12 years prior, I decided to pursue the new venture and founded Olewo USA in August 2010.  I was excited about the opportunity to help improve the quality of pets’ lives on a much larger scale.   

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