Heavenly Treasures Highlights Extensive Collection of Gemstone and Diamond Promise Rings

Heavenly Treasures is unveiling its collection of promise rings for couples wishing to solidify their commitment to one another with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Promise rings from Heavenly Treasures are available in gold and silver, with gemstones and diamonds, and many more options.

“Promise rings have become a very popular way for couples to express their love and commitment. Every individual and every couple is unique and special. That’s why we have such an extensive collection of promise rings at Heavenly Treasures. Everyone shopping for a promise ring is sure to find something just right for them at our online jewelry store,” said Rebecca Mandel, fine jewelry buyer at Heavenly Treasures.

With birthstone jewelry currently trending, the 151FC11R promise rings are popular among shoppers. This genuine birthstone diamond heart ring comes in 14-karat gold with the customer’s choice of gemstone as well as smaller diamonds. These promise rings cost $398.

A diamond ring is also a popular choice for promise rings. The R7137 is a simple, classic 14-karat gold promise ring with a diamond at the center for $298. A matching promise pendant is also available from Heavenly Treasures. Another option is the 304EA47R for $349. This graduated diamond 14-karat promise ring features eight stones and comes in a choice of white, yellow, or rose gold.

For customers looking for a diamond ring to really make an impression, the R4129 is a 14-karat white gold promise ring with 1/4 carat diamond heart. It retails at Heavenly Treasures for $795. Another option is the R4084, which is now on sale for $1,699. A rose gold band glitters with three rows of diamonds on this promise ring.  

Heavenly Treasures’ online jewelry store can be found at and the company maintains a blog highlight new or popular items at Call 1-800-495-577 to speak with a customer service representative. Heavenly Treasures is also on Facebook at and Twitter at