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Some of the action also harkens to another time, with sight gags and heavy use of pratfalls more reminiscent of “Tom and Jerry” cartoons than recent animated features.

Sometimes the punch lines land, and sometimes they don’t, but overall the result is pleasantly nostalgic.

In fact, the most dated part of the movie is when the final credits roll to the tune of “Gangnam Style,” sung by an animated Psy.

That feeling of been-there-done-that is pervasive, with many of the jokes sounding as if they were ripped off from other movies.

When brainless park hero Grayson (Brendan Fraser) says his cologne is made of falcon tears, it sounds like a bit from “Anchorman,” only less amusing.

The brightest moments come courtesy of a pug named Precious (Maya Rudolph), who is at first a menace to Surly and Buddy but soon becomes their adorable accomplice.

Visually, “The Nut Job” is more successful.

When Surly first moves to the city, we see the world from his vantage point, with each pounding foot looking like an object of destruction.

And the moment the park’s food goes up in flames inside an oak tree looks spectacular and makes the 3-D worth it (but only momentarily).

Of all the flaws of “The Nut Job,” Surly’s grouchy attitude is one of the hardest to overcome. He’s not a very fun character to travel with, even when he evolves, predictably, into a kinder, gentler squirrel with an after-school-special-worthy lesson to share.

There are never enough kid-friendly movies, it seems, so Surly and his plot will suffice. But when you compare “The Nut Job” to the growing list of children’s movies that also delight adults, it’s hard to go back to the way things were.

With squirrels all over the place, talk about acorn-y script:  this shrill kidflick is nowhere near as cute as it thinks it is.

The Nut Job is set in the 1950s in the fictional town of Oakton, where a street-smart and self-serving purple squirrel named Surly, voiced by Will Arnett, is banished from the city’s Liberty Park by Raccoon the raccoon, the creature in charge, voiced by Liam Neeson, after a botched vendor heist intended to feed the park animals.

So hungry Surly and his equally famished and mute rat buddy Buddy, with winter weather approaching and the survival of the park community at stake, plan a heist at Maury’s Nut Store, where there’s enough food stored.

Elsewhere on the critter front, Brendan Fraser and Katherine Heigl also give voice to squirrels, his to a vain wannabe superhero, hers to a resourceful and principled activist, while Maya Rudolph registers comically as a wacky pug named Precious.

The director, Peter Lepeniotis, works from a strained, choppy, uninspired script self-consciously co-written with Lorne Cameron for a very young and undemanding audience.  It’s based on the director’s 2005 animated short, Surly Squirrel.

Let’s say, as politely as possible, that some films are designated as shorts for a reason, and that as a feature film, The Nut Job is stretched well beyond its breaking point, with lots and lots of filler, registering more like a time-killing television cartoon than animation carefully constructed for the cinema screen.

When the screenplay resorts to human bank robbers breaking into the vault next door in a parallel heist, you realize that the screenwriters have more or less given up on the premise.

Even the voice work is nothing special, with the performers bringing little to the party other than declared exposition.

As for the visual element, the film looks fine and viewers really do not need the 3-D enhancement, which is pretty much an afterthought anyway.

So we’ll squirrel away 2 stars out of 4.   The Nut Job may not quite be a botch job or a hatchet job, but even the kids won’t go nuts for it.

It makes sense that The Nut Job has more nut-related jokes, puns, and entendres than other films less concerned with squirrels and nuts.

But a running count yields only 13, including the title — a stingy number, considering the film's proliferation of opportunities, including a climax hinging on nuts in sacks.