Multiple Guarantees from Air Specialty

[NORFOLK, April 24, 2014] – Air Specialty, a leading provider of heating and cooling services in Virginia, wants clients to know how special and important they are. The company offers multiple guarantees to help customers get the best possible service they deserve. The company aims to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient HVAC solutions.

Air Specialty knows how important it is for clients to get the right service they need. By ensuring that its services are of the highest quality, the company expects to improve relationships with existing customers and attract new ones.

Lifetime Performance Guarantee

The firm offers a lifetime performance safeguard on qualifying new HVAC systems. It repairs malfunctioning components for free and replaces them with items of equal characteristics in case repair is not a viable option. The company provides a sample “Lifetime Performance Protection” certificate to help clients understand how this offer works.

Choice Guarantee

Air Specialty offers a range of options to help clients get the right system and service they need. Its AC specialists provide recommendations based on the customers’ specific heating or cooling needs. By choosing the right unit, customers can maximize efficiency and increase their savings.

Service Guarantee

The Norfolk-based air conditioning company employs experienced and highly trained technicians to ensure service excellence. It carries a large inventory of parts and supplies to meet the growing needs and demands of its clients. Licensed AC specialists perform annual and semi-annual visits to identify problems and provide the right maintenance solution.

About Air Specialty

Air Specialty has been in the HVAC industry for more than 30 years, and has served thousands of clients in Hampton Roads and other areas in Virginia. It focuses on creating, selling, and installing the most efficient heating and cooling systems. Its team evaluates the clients’ needs by inspecting their homes, and then creates solutions to match. The company sells, installs, and maintains some of the top air conditioning brands in the country. It also offers efficiency programs, service specials, and convenient financing options.

Clients can learn more about the company’s products and services by visiting its website at or by calling 757-494-3777.