Sunset Bamboo Offers Eco-Friendly Bamboo for Sale

Sunset Bamboo being a connoisseur of quality bamboo offers cheap bamboo for sale at You can use Sunset Bamboo products for both your indoors as well as outdoor d├ęcor. They are organic and made from the best Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants. The artisans unleash their creativity in turning normal bamboo poles and other raw materials into something stunning and spectacular. You can improve the looks of your home at a very low cost and turn it into a peaceful and relaxing domain for your family with Sunset Bamboo.

Bamboo Poles: Sunset Bamboo offers bamboo poles for sale that are in their prime and treat them for increased longevity. When the bamboo poles are harvested, they are 3-5 years old and have thick walls. They are versatile and can be used in many ways. Sunset Bamboo offers five types of bamboo poles. Natural bamboo poles stay in their normal harvested state just cleaned and polished. Carbonized bamboo poles are smoked to give them rich brown color, Black bamboo poles are available in ebony and black colors while Speckled bamboo poles have light and dark brown spots all over them. The last one is the Half-Round collection that is formed by splitting the normal bamboo poles in half.

Bamboo Fencing: Bamboo fencing from Sunset Bamboo is used for a variety of purposes, as screens, panels, mats, roofs, textured curtains and more. The bamboo poles are bound together tightly with wires then rolled for transportation. They are fire straightened and termite resistant. The fences can be cut to shorten their height and have a heavy steel wire running through them. The bamboo fences are of six types, namely, Natural Bamboo Fencing, Carbonized Bamboo Fencing, Mahogany Bamboo Fencing, Black Bamboo Fencing, TigerBoo Bamboo Fencing and Kokomo Bamboo Fencing.

Tiki Huts: Enjoy a slice of the tropics right in your backyard. Create a home that is enjoyed by your whole family and friends. Tiki Huts are great for lounging or hosting dinners and parties. Sunset Bamboo palapas are one of the best and can be used to form bars. They are sturdy and can withstand harsh climate for years. The kit comes with two layers of thatches, an instruction manual and partially assembled pre-cut lumber. You can order any of two types of tiki hut kits, Single Pole Umbrella or the Four Pole Tiki huts.

Bamboo Matting: The indigenous people of the South Pacific region create Bamboo Matting for Sunset Bamboo. Bamboo mats is made mostly with palm leaves by artisans that have honed their skills for generations and hundreds of years. They are strong and woven by hand in a precise manner. They can be trimmed according to your requirements without any damage to the rest of the mats. Sunset Bamboo offers different types of mats, different in their looks and very stylish. They are Lauhala, Cabana, Fine Weave Lauhala, Bac Bac, Lampac, Abaca Cloth plus many types of ropes and braids.

Coconut Wall Tiles: Coconut Wall Tiles by Sunset Bamboo offer your home a sophisticated and a staggering look at the same time. Known as the Cocomosaic collection, the panels are mostly used indoors. They are perfect for your walls, doors, roofs, floors and other surfaces that do not see much action. Cocomosaic tiles are made of small pieces of coconut shells and are eco-friendly. They are sturdy and unbelievably beautiful. The tiles are also called the Ecomosaic Collection and come in five kinds. They look different and are, namely, Pacific Grove, Sunset Breeze, Sumatra Classic, Coco de Pearl and Brazilian Pecan.

Thatches: Sunset Bamboo offers thatches for a variety of purposes. They can be used to give a picturesque effect to homes, zoos, resorts and hotels, theme parks, movie companies, restaurants, beach bars, and others. Sunset Bamboo produces high quality thatches of many types. Palm Island thatches are made from sturdy palm leaves that can weather harsh climate for many years. Tahitian thatches are most popularly used as awnings, umbrella, Tiki bar and wall covering for heat insulation during summer. African Reed thatches are almost completely waterproof and used widely as panels and patio cover. For more info about discounts on bamboo online, please visit