Banah Sweetens Lives, Naturally!

Banah was established in 2009as a company with a defined purpose. Its name, Banah ,is a Hebrew word that translates into “New Beginnings”.

Banah Sugar imports, produces and distributes top-quality 100% pure cane sugar products. Their products provide a sweeter, yet healthier lifestyle with the all-natural and organic lines. Yet, the Banah team

Banah products are available in different textures and flavors including Organic Sugar, Special White Sugar (unbleached), Raw Brown Turbinado Sugar and Confectioners’ Sugar.  Stevia was recently also added to the line.  However, theirsignature product is the Liquid Sugar which is produced via a proprietary technological process in their spacious plant located in Hialeah, Florida.  The Liquid Sugar is produced in “All-Natural” and “Organic” options in several natural flavors, such as:  Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Maple and Blueberry.

The Banahplant is Kosher and Pareve Certified.  It is the only sugar company in Florida to have obtained double organic certification as it organic certified to re-package as well as to manufacture.

CEO Yurek Vazquez and the Banah team are committed to providing an opportunity for those seeking a second chance.  In order to fulfill this mission, Banah collaborates with organizations to provide mentoring, job readiness and employment to those who have made the decision to change their former ways and create better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Banahprovides an avenue for that life-change, and by so doing, a second chance is granted not just to individuals with an unfortunate past, but hope is restored for their children, and entire families. The Banahteam believes that the philosophy of “changing one life at a time” benefits the community at large. 

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