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USA – It’s quite a normal thing today for people to live stream or download their favorite videos and audio files using the internet. An interesting fact here is that most such files that have been downloaded generally come with the .wmv extension. The .wmv extension files are windows media video files and can be viewed in the Windows Media player or most other commonly used media players. But now these files can also be converted to Mp3 format using the WMV to MP3 Converter. A website provides this converter free of cost.

This website offers the WMV to MP3 Converter to people interested in converting the .wmv files to MP3 file format. Some of the interesting features of this converter include easy and fast conversion of media files to MP3 format, adding a number of video and audio files together, etc. The process of conversion is also quite easy; once the converter is downloaded, the media files one wants to convert are imported using the files browser. Next the duration of conversion and the file names are selected and once this is done the conversion can be started immediately.

Another advantageous feature of the converter is that it supports batch conversion too. Hence, media files can be converted to MP3 format and if required different audio can be added to video file.

The website says, “The free WMV to MP3 converter software includes a help file with snapshots which can be utilized by the users.” So, help and support is also provided to make it easy for users to understand the various features available with this converter and use them.

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