Filmmaker Ron Tramontano Starts Major Indiegogo Campaign



Boca Raton, Florida (January 2, 2014) - Filmmaker Ron Tramontano recently announced the start of a major indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a film project that revolves around The Urantia Book. Tramontano’s funding efforts began on Thursday, December 26, 2013 and will end on Monday, February 24, 2014. In that60 days, Tramontano hopes to raise $300,000 and if successful, will begin production on the first film in his planned Urantia trilogy.


This first film will be titled “Shaolin Back to Urantia” and will focus on mixed fantasies and legends that embrace the home of martial arts “The Shaolin Temple”  TheUrantia Book, which play a vital role in this story is the source of much of the breathtaking wisdom as well as many of the names of the celestial beings. The Urantia Book is a revelation given by God and delivered by his Angels. Urantia refers to Earth and centers on Jesus and his mission on Earth as witnessed by the Angels. Tramontano has written several screenplays based on The Book of Urantia and over time more and more celestial beings from The Book of Urantia started showing up in his work as the screenplays began to unravel the true nature of the Urantia Book.


Tramontano considers Urantia a movement to bring humanity back to a time of honor, respect and family, so in essence taking humans back to a place they need to be. “Shaolin Back to Urantia” will be set in the Shaolin Temple of China where Master Tamo must battle Lord Cifer for control of the Bracken, a force so powerful that it controls time itself, and if necessary, it can re-write the wrongs of history.


The indiegogo campaign for “Shaolin Back to Urantia” includes four pledge levels, ranging from pledges of just $1 up to a $25. At each level, donors will receive an increasing amount of recognition ranging from an email thank you form the cast for $1 to web access to the screenplays, a part in all three movies and signed copies of the screenplays. For $10,000.


To learn more about the “Shaolin Back to Urantia” Indiegogo campaign, visit the funding website at contact Ron Tramontano visit his Facebook page at



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