keyboard_arrow_up Adds Mod Design Support

Minneapolis, MN — With the speed at which modern business moves it has become more and more important to be able to access information quickly and efficiently. A company that does not have that information at hand cannot provide the level of service and support that customers expect, and their sales suffer as a result. SugarCRM has been a leader in customer relationship management for nearly a decade, with an open source platform and complete customization. Sugaroutfitters stands as the largest marketplace for customizable modules compatible with all of the latest versions of the SugarCRM service. At Sugaroutfitters they are pleased to announce new tools and support to help mod developers give companies the support that they need.

Developers can use the Developers’ Tips at to learn about the newest changes to the core SugarCRM system and share information about tweaks that can be made to existing modules or interfaces. This helps to ensure that development teams have the most up-to-date information about SugarCRM, so that module updates are ready to go when new patches launch. Developers can also feel free to ask questions of the other expert Sugar developers to learn what it takes to create a successful module for companies to install. Even Sugar administrators for companies can find useful information through the Developers’ Tips. Some simple copy and paste code from the developers can help administrators to modify the Sugar interface to meet their own needs.

The development tips from Sugaroutfitters help to make stronger and allows the site to provide the best modules available to companies using a variety of payment models. The easy to use interface of SugarCRM and its powerful tools already make Sugar a highly sought after customer relationship management service, but the modules provided through Sugaroutfitters give companies a greater level of freedom than ever before. As long as companies need to access and sort customer information, Sugaroutfitters provides a service people will need.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters