Jacksonville, FL Dentist Promises Straight, Bright Smiles in Just Six Months

Jacksonville, FL,January 6, 2014: Dr. Harris Rittenberg, a general and cosmetic dentist who has practiced in Jacksonville for more than 25 years, has launched a new smile improvement campaign called Six Month Smiles. Through this effort, he hopes residents of Jacksonville will stop putting their smile last on the priority list and explore some of dentistry's most advanced treatments for crooked, stained, or chipped teeth.

"We are now offering straight smiles in just six months," Dr. Rittenberg says on the practice's Facebook page. "We are so excited to see this transformation in such a short period of time."

The campaign aims to take advantage of Dr. Rittenberg's cosmetic dentistry success. Throughout his two-plus decades of experience, his smile makeovers have earned him several accolades, including being named one of Jacksonville's best doctors byJacksonville Magazine and "one of America's top dentists" for cosmetic and general dentistry by the Consumer Research Council of America.

During the Six Month Smiles campaign, he invites current and new patients to contact his office and schedule a smile consultation. There, he'll discuss the patient's smile issues, answer any questions the patient may have, and discuss next steps such as treatment plans and payment options.

Dr. Rittenberg uses only the most advanced, successful treatments to help improve a patient's smile. For tooth whitening, he offers the Zoom whitening system; for crooked teeth, he offers a system called Invisalign that straightens teeth without interfering with daily life; and for chipped teeth, he offers Lumineer veneers, which fit over existing teeth without painful reshaping and contouring. These treatments are offered in conjunction with the practice's commitment to affordability. Pre-payment discounts can be discussed and the office will work with a patient's insurance to achieve the lowest out-of-pocket expense.

Residents looking to improve their smiles and oral health should schedule a consultation at Dr. Rittenberg's office. It is located on Ortega Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL. Flexible office hours are available from Monday through Thursday. Call 904-384-4391,, or visit for more information about this practice.