LICA Land leads Filipinos to the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about

Makati, Philippines – Philippine real estate provider LICA Land envisions the country as a place where acquiring of a home by the Filipinos and visitors is easy and a joy to experience.

LICA Land and its affiliates represent some of the country’s most innovative real estate development projects inside and outside of the capital city, Metro Manila. They have continuously developed residential and commercial lots and houses in order to cater to the changing demands of every individual, couple and family that seeks to live the life they’ve always dreamed about.

The success in leading people to the standards of life they yearn to live has been achieved through the fundamental philosophy of identifying and acquiring undeveloped and underdeveloped land both in urban and rural areas with unrealized potential.

LICA Land offers different residential types such as subdivisions, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, and hotels that preserve the soothing verdant surroundings for tranquil living in well-maintained and lively communities. The commercial properties they own are neighborhood shopping centers, Autoplexes, restaurant, and coffee shop that are located at the hearts of the cities in Manila.

LICA Land Marketing Network, the real estate sales network of LICA Land, is enhanced by accredited independent brokers both locally and abroad, comprising of trained, experienced and licensed real estate agents.

LICA Engineering and Design (LEAD) group delivers the full breadth of building services – planning, architecture, engineering, construction management, project management, and design-and-build – to a diversified base of commercial and residential projects.

The entire team finds joy in their work, where their values are shared and lived. The care they provide their customers goes beyond the actual purchase. They watch of the lifestyle their customers lead to, offering services like financing and insurance, hassle-free maintenance and repairs, and resale and upgrade. This develops a healthy and deep relationship between the home buyers and providers.

About LICA Land

LICA Land represents the Real Estate Division of LICA Group Management, Inc. Through developments and joint ventures, it has been involved with other leaders in the Philippine real estate industry. It is involved with commercial and residential real estate developments, hospitality, and food service. It owns and develops a substantial land bank, middle income residential subdivisions, leisure developments, neighborhood shopping centers, Autoplexes, and residential, office, and commercial buildings in key areas in and around the Metro.

One of the key strengths of the company is their entrepreneurial culture dedicated to embracing challenge, excellence, empowerment, innovation and integrity. As part of LICA Group of Companies, Inc., its success is grounded with the values of trustworthiness, teamwork and tenacity.


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