PPI Payments Launches New Website

Throughout the United Kingdom, thousands of people have felt the impact associated with the wrongful sales of PPI insurance policies. One company, PPI Payments, is dedicated to “righting the wrongs” of the banks by helping people claim compensation from the wrongful sales associated with their insurance policies. The company recently announced the launch of their new website: and encourages individuals throughout the U.K. to visit the site and contact the company to begin the process of starting a claim.

PPI, also known as credit insurance, credit protection insurance, and payment protection insurance, is a type of insurance that began in the 1990s with the intention of helping people maintain payments on borrowed loans and investments in times of crisis such as the loss of a job, injury, or illness. The insurance would help cover the cost of bills such as credit cards, mortgages, and car loans by making the minimum payments on these debts for individuals affected by unforeseen events for a period of up to 12-months.

Unfortunately, many banks exploited this program, wrongfully selling insurance policies to individuals who, often, were misinformed of the policy details or were making payments on a policy they never requested. Moreover, thousands of other people who purchased PPI insurance policies and fell on hard times often realized that, although the insurance was supposed to help them pay off certain loans, these payments were never made.

PPI Payments wants to help individuals affected by this pandemic by offering assistance to those needing to open a claim to reclaim lost money through the purchase of mis-sold payment protection insurance policies. The company encourages affected policyholders to visit their new website, which offers additional information and articles about payment protection insurance and mis-sold insurance claims as well as helpful tips and advice on what customers can do to seek compensation.

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