A thirteen-year-old girl, Against a crowd that felt like a million ( Funny The Movie Casting Call)

It was overwhelming. Me, a thirteen-year-old girl, against a crowd that felt like it could be a million . Stands, booths, people shoving sign up sheets and pamphlets in my face, and my mind trying to prepare itself for this huge audition before me. Now, of course I’d been to auditions before: commercials, student films, little things, but a full-length movie! This was new and this was, well, extremely scary.

I’ve been aspiring to be an actress for years now, without much luck. Auditions are rare and actors are, well, not. There are thousands of girls out there who look like me, or sound like me, or act like me, and the casting directors put us all together and only one will come out cast in whatever it was we were auditioning for. Rejection is truly daunting, I must say, but certainly we all know that. To walk into a room full of strangers scrutinizing everything you do or say, and just hope for the best: to make it into a program, to get a job, to get cast in a movie, who knows! And I, for one, am not a fan of having to walk on home with no prize.

Usually, for me to get auditions, I go on actors access and apply for breakdowns. I’m on there every day and I submit for EVERYTHING that I fit for, or don’t but think they might consider me for anyway. More than half the time, I don’t hear anything back, but in that oddball moment, I get called in.

Funny, however, came upon in a few different ways. It all started when I was followed on twitter—which seems to be the name of the game with this movie! I decided to go on one day, just to check up, and me who usually gets no notifications because I’m just sooo popular, for once in my life, had a lone number floating above that little ringing bell. It was a follow from none other than Funny the Movie. Now being the dumb person I have to admit to being, utterly ignored it. Just moved on with my day; honestly, didn’t even look into it. That was until about a month later when it popped up in the breakdowns on Actors access. It was this huge open call on the 26th at the Radisson Martinique in New York City! Now, here’s what I was thinking: It’s an open call, I probably don’t have a chance, BUT someone needs to be cast and I need to grab the opportunity! I’ve seen this audition twice in different ways, I’m not very superstitious but maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign.

So that’s what I did. I submitted on their website for Maggie and waited for a response. And guess what! The signs kept on coming that this might just happen for me. I got an email from Rudy, telling me I had received a slotted audition for 11 o’clock, because I sort of looked like Tatum O’Neill, and that I wouldn’t have to wait in those awful lines (or at least that last line is what I got from it!). I couldn’t believe it! Already they liked my look, already I had even more of a chance than I had a minute earlier! So I went over the sides again and again, went as far as to practice with my MOM (which I will give credit to for some good advice), and practiced, practiced, and practiced some more.

As the days flew by, I got closer and closer to the audition: three days, two days, one day, none. Before I knew it, it was Saturday morning, the 26th of April. I woke up and of course started freaking out because I thought I forgot my lines—but of course didn’t, and grabbed my chauffeur—whoops! I mean my dad, and hit the road. And there we were; the Radisson Martinique full of a crowd that felt like it could be a million. There were lines every which way, and I had no clue which one I was supposed to be in! Eventually, I found it and got in it and then was brought into another room with another line full of people who were all there for the slotted auditions. I talked to some of them about their careers, who they were auditioning for, where they were from. I just wanted all those nerves that were jumping around in my body to settle down! Finally, though, I made it to the front of the line. I was brought into the room along with another a guy and literally told to stand in the corner while he auditioned—ahhh luxury—and when he was done I stood in front of that table of strangers, scared out of my mind, and introduced myself. “Hi! I’m Sarah Street.” “Ahh, you’re the one who kind of looks like Tatum O’Neill! We’ve been waiting for you!” one of them said.

They’d been waiting…for me? Oh my god! “Yeah,” I laughed, “that’s me!” And we were off. I did the scene for the camera and with my last line a roar of laughter arose from the seats. A huge grin appeared on my face as I thought, AHHH!!! They liked it!! But then it was over. I said goodbye, left the room, and went home and back to normal life with no idea of what was going to happen next. Yeah a few other girls and I harassed them on twitter every so often (or every few seconds…Sorry! In denial) to announce who Maggie was as they slowly, and painfully I might add, released the cast. When they announced me, I was eating dinner and had put my phone away. After dinner, I decided, ‘Hey! Let’s be a good daughter and help my parents with the dishes! They’d probably appreciate that.’ And so I did, all while my phone was upstairs buzzing away with twitter notifications and I had no clue.

After a while, I made my way back upstairs to do homework (or more likely go watch the castings on twitter…Sorry! Still in denial—didn’t really start my homework those days until 10. Yikes!) I picked up my phone, saw all the notifications, and thinking that was sort of weird went into twitter immediately.


At first, I didn’t really know what was happening, but without even a second to waste, my mind unclouded and I knew. I found the original post and was surprised to see I was cast as the role of Bianca, I’d never even heard of it! However, all worries aside, this, this was the first step. I had just been cast in a role in a full-length feature film. Wow. I am still in awe of the fact that they chose me. They chose six girls out of six thousand and no matter how small my part may be, that feels pretty good.

It’s amazing how this movie has brought me so close to people I’ve never even met. No matter how cliché it sounds, this cast is like a family; we can joke and tease one another, talk to each other. I feel like I’ve known everyone forever. The girls and I are already planning sleepovers!

Funny the Movie is the first step of the rest of my life, whether I act or not in the future, my life is changed and I will never be the same person I was before after getting this incredible experience and meeting such amazing people. Right now, I feel like the luckiest girl alive. @funnythemovie