What Makes a Great Agriculture Banking Relationship?

In agriculture, as in all business, the history of your bank and your relationship with them is very important. Here are a few questions you might want to ask about your bank.
Does your bank stick with you in good times as well as tough times?
First Bank of Wyoming has been in the Powell market as the largest and leading Ag bank since 1912. We work with our customers at all times, including when conditions may not be best for you. We try to help make the right decisions for you and we are not just fair weather bankers.
Is your bank a transaction-to-transaction bank, or a total relationship bank?
First Bank of Wyoming treats all customers as an important relationship. Our brand of banking includes the enhancement of the family and the community and we will stay committed to that choice. Many banks claim to make their lending decisions locally, but we actually do and we can prove it. Our lenders are a part of this community and this makes the process better for you and your family. We are proud of our background, knowledge and experience, but our main emphasis is on you, our customer.
Does your bank value community and family?
It is extremely important to have involvement; both in time and money to help ensure our communities and the families within them prosper and grow. We have a longstanding history of community involvement and we truly believe in the beautiful area we live in, but it takes a lot of resources and time to ensure we keep our quality of life.
As an individual or a family in agriculture, you have choices when it comes to choosing your bank. We want the opportunity to create a lasting relationship that is built on trust and integrity. We will do our best to ensure that our directors, officers, employees and staff always provide you the best banking experience in the area. First Bank of Wyoming, Where YOU are FIRST!
Dick Nelson, Chairman of the Board