(LAS VEGAS)  Nevada Donor Network (NDN) is proud to announce a second consecutive year of record breaking increases in all aspects of organ and tissue donation. In 2013, the team facilitated donations from 104 organ donors, 373 tissue donors and 632 cornea donors. This equates to a 96% rise in organ donation activity compared to 2011 which has resulted in a 78% increase in the number of lifesaving organs transplanted from these heroic donors. NDN’s tissue recovery has also risen by 64% over the previous two years. Cornea recovery fell slightly in 2012 but increased 16% in 2013 and   posted a 75% increase in the first quarter of 2014 compared to 2013. “These significant increases are a testament to the heroism of our courageous donors and their families. Without their strength and willingness to save and improve the lives of others, this would not be possible,” says Joe Ferreira, President and CEO of the Nevada Donor Network.


The most significant increases in organs transplanted occurred in the number of hearts transplanted, which rose 90% in 2013 compared to 2012. The number of heart valves recovered for transplantation also rose 92%. Transplanted livers increased by 55%, lungs 32% and kidneys 18% compared to 2012. According to Ferreira, the growth in the last two years is directly related to the cultural transformation the organization has undergone since 2012. “We have changed the landscape of donation in Nevada on behalf of the heroic donors, their families and those who wait for these precious gifts. I am very proud of our world class team at NDN and all of our community partners who support our life-saving mission.”

The growth is primarily fueled by significant improvements in the number of donors converted as a percentage of all potential donors. For example: In 2011, the organ donation conversion rate averaged 52% which rose to 70% in 2013 and in the first quarter of 2014 the conversion rate was 91%.


Through the first quarter of 2014, NDN is already on track for a third consecutive yearly increase in donation activity. According to preliminary data, the number of donated organs, tissue and corneas will surpass 2013 numbers and set new records for the organization should this trend continue.