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United States, 09th June 2014 - TopDog Health, founded in 2004 by veterinarian Dr. James St. Clair, was established as a local canine rehabilitation center in Central Connecticut. It was one of the pioneering facilities contributing towards animal health and rehabilitation, providing the most trusted and essential information to pet owners on diverse aspects, particularly dog ACL surgery, age related or genetic joint health issues. With the mission to improve health and lifestyle of pet dogs, TopDog Health is the ultimate destination to have most reliable and trusted information on different health issues.

TopDog provides instructional videos and educational materials to pet owners, based on the foundation of physical therapy principles that are instrumental in helping their dogs recover efficiently from health issues and feel better. It provides valuable information on dog orthopedic surgery such as Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA), Cranial Cruciate Ligament surgery, Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL), Total Hip Replacement (THR), and Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO). For torn ACL in dogs or other orthopedic concerns, such information from TopDog can be most beneficial in understanding the right treatment procedure for pet dogs. In addition to these, there are valuable insights pertaining to treating dogs that are suffering from genetic or age-related joint health issues.

Over the span of period, TopDog Health has emerged as the #1 Resource for Pet Owner Information about Dog Orthopedic Disease, Surgery and Rehabilitation. It also serves as a directory for medical board certified veterinary surgeons and reputable canine rehabilitation facilities in the United States of America. It encourages seeking professional and high quality rehabilitation services to achieve good health and lifestyle of animals. At the same time, TopDog has ventured into developing an array of joint health supplements, with consultation of industry leaders and veterinary nutritionists across the world.

GlycanAid Maintenance Joint Health and GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Health supplements for cruciate ligament dogs have earned 5-star rated independent reviews and are fast gaining popularity as premier joint health supplements in the market today. It also launched Flexerna Omega as a cutting-edge Omega 3 solution to improve joint health. The company is planning to introduce all-new support harness for dogs, with amazing features, and is expected to do well in the market.

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About The Company

TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation is a veterinary industry leader, specifically within the field of canine rehabilitation and joint health. In addition, TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation develops, manufactures, licenses and distributes innovative joint health products and related therapy support products to veterinarians and pet owners throughout the United States, Canada & Europe.

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TopDog Animal Health & Rehabilitation

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