Aureus Medical, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, talks about going the extra mile as a travel PT

Omaha, NE, (April 9, 2014) - In travel physical therapy jobs, going above and beyond is a great way to get ahead. Not only does it say a lot about you as an individual and employee, it also positively reflects onto your patients and employer. Healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical Group, talks about going the extra mile as a travel PT.

Wherever you are on the road to becoming a travel PT, there are ways to set yourself apart.

Physical therapists treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Success in this field, similar to travel nursing, demands excellent observation, communication, and motor and sensory skills. Good physical therapists exhibit compassion, while excellent ones convey genuine concern and interpersonal skills. You are more than just a "hire" for some recovering patients – you are a healer. Put yourself in the patients' shoes, whether they're recovering from a knee injury or a shoulder surgery. If you’ve been there, you can understand how important your role is to others.

Along the education path
When earning a post baccalaureate (masters or doctoral) degree, there are several ways to get your name noticed. If you've completed an internship that went really well, send your supervisor a hand-written thank you card. It does not take long, but it can really strike a chord with the individuals with whom you worked. Travel physical jobs are all about honing person-to-person communication, right? Start it from the top down.

If you have a classmate who does not understand a topic that was discussed and you have a solid grasp on it, consider volunteering some of your time after class to explain it or go over new ways how to look at it. Your peers will be more than grateful. 

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About Aureus Medical Group:

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